Zeche Zollverein Wheel, © Sabrina Schmidt

Top 5 of #urb­a­nana

My fa­vor­ite places to go in #urb­a­nana

Sadly, my time with #urb­a­nana has come to an end. But I would­n't leave without a prop­er good­bye, so here is my top 5 of #urb­a­nana and its sur­round­ings.

My wonderful time with #urbanana is sadly coming to an end. However, I didn’t want to leave without a proper goodbye and a top five list of my most favorite places to go in #urbanana and its surroundings.

1 Flea Markets

Yes, you read that plural correctly. I am a flea market addict and naming just one would be a crime as there are so many awesome ones. The internationals among you will agree that flea markets in different countries are very special to explore as you will find all kinds of things significant to the country you’re visiting – at a cheap price!

My favorite recurring flea market is the Großmarkt in Düsseldorf. You’ll find all kinds of antiques like gramophones and metal signs and the regular bric-a-brac at reasonable prices. This one is followed by the P1 flea market on the trade fair’s parking lot. They have a large variety of street food and oh so many aisles to browse through old and new stuff that you can spend the whole day there.

On Saturdays, I pay my obligatory visit to the Aachener Platz, where I get fresh flowers from the Netherlands and the occasional Churro. Paired with live jazz music in the antique market inside makes for a great Saturday morning.

During summer, the courtyard flea markets are a fun way to get in touch with the locals and see, beside the obvious treasures, those beautiful hidden courtyards all over the city.

2 Best Hangout Places

In the summer time, I really enjoy going to the Paradiesstrand in Düsseldorf. It is not exactly an insider’s tip anymore, but nevertheless a great place to relax with friends and have a picnic and refresh your feet in the cold water of the Rhine. Just be careful and do not go swimming, as the Rhine’s currents are fatally strong there.

The Japanese garden was a gift by the Japanese community to the city of Düsseldorf as a sign of solidarity and is a beautiful place to have a picnic or just relax and get lost in a good book in midst of colorful flower arrangements.

The Rheinboulevard in Cologne is the perfect spot to watch ships go by on the Rhine and have a spectacular view towards the old town with a Wegbier from the closest Büdchen in your hand .

3 Strolls for miles

Spring has finally sprung and that’s the perfect season for a stroll along the Ruhr Auen in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Endless pathways lead you along the Ruhr, embellished with daffodils on the riverbed, the perfect place to leave your cares behind.

The Rheinuferpromenade is always a good idea for a stroll because there is always something going on. Take a trip from the Media Harbor all the way to the Tonhalle, across the Oberkassler Bridge to Oberkassel and back to the Altstadt across the Rheinknie bridge. On your way you may come across several interesting sights such as the Gehry buildings, the Rhine tower, KIT perhaps the bookmile and skaters by the bridge or sheep on the other side of the Rhine. You may also just stop and watch the ships go by, have a snack and a drink at the Kassematten or take a tour with a boat yourself.

The Neanderthal is a great area to go for a hike. This history charged place is not just an educational sight worth visiting but also your go-to destination to wander around forests and vast fields alongside wisents and bisons.

Many of the Ruhr area's slag heaps have been redesigned into creative, instagrammable places that are worth checking out. One of my favorites is the Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain as it combines a stunning scenery in connection with its industrial backdrop with the joys of walking a rollercoaster. How cool is that?

4 Best Party Areas

I am not much of a clubbing person, so you might want to consult the Sound of #urbanana for a comprehensive list of places to go. The one I do like, though, is Odonien. It is a quirky place that combines the artist's workshop with an eventlocation and cultural meeting place.

When in Essen, I go to the (aka Rüttenscheider Straße). There are bars and restaurants for miles and good vibes everywhere. My favorite is the Fitzgerald Irish Pub as there is always a great atmosphere - they even offer karaoke!

The Kurze Straße and the Ratinger Straße in Düsseldorf are my preferred areas. Less touristy and many nice bars and breweries. Especially the brewery Kürzer is a great place to go to meet new people and enjoy a good Altbier.

5 Short Getaway

Detmold always reminds me of my childhood, because this was a frequent destination for school excursions and weekend trips with my family. A weekend in Detmold and its surroundings would probably be filled with a visit to the rock formation of the Externsteine, which can partly be climbed as well. They are located in the Teutoburg Forest and there are many different tracks you can take for an extended stroll or a nice hike. A short distance away from there is the Hermann Monument, which can also be climbed and rewards you with a spectacular view over the Teutoburg Forest. After having a stroll around the old town of Detmold with all its cobble stone streets and half-timbered houses you don’t want to miss taking a tour in slippers through the castle. A must-see is also the open-air museum which will guide you through the German lifestyle in the 1550s.

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Hermannsdenkmal, © Sabrina Schmidt
Rheinuferpromenade, © Sabrina Schmidt
Neanderthal, © Sabrina Schmidt
Ruhr Auen, © Sabrina Schmidt
Externsteine Teutoburger Wald, © Sabrina Schmidt
Externsteine, © Sabrina Schmidt
Paradiesstrand, © Sabrina Schmidt
Zeche Zollverein Wheel, © Sabrina Schmidt
Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain, © Sabrina Schmidt
Düsseldorf Skyline, © Sabrina Schmidt

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Zeche Zollverein Wheel, © Sabrina Schmidt

Top 5 of #urb­a­nana