Eschhaus (Dreigiebelhaus), © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Nieder­straße / EX-Zen­trum Esch­haus

Torn down but still un­for­got­ten

Here, in the oldest street in Duisburg, was the location of what was for a long time the most important cultural centre of the city until 1987: the former “Zentrum Eschhaus”. This youth centre hosted performances by artists such as Alexis Korner, Julie Driscoll, BAP and Ton, Steine, Scherben. Above all, however, it was the home of the Duisburg kraut rock band Bröselmaschine, headed by Peter Bursch. This is where he taught various metal musicians how to play the guitar. From the mid-1980s, the Eschhaus also became a well-known performance venue for the hardcore punk scene. After a long public debate about noise pollution, but also about the new design of the inland port, the youth centre was pulled down in 1987. You can find the former site if you look for the Dreigiebelhaus “triple-gable house” which still stands today. The Eschhaus was located right next door.

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Niederstraße 22-30; Ecke Nonnenstraße