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Nieder­straße / EX-Zen­trum Esch­haus

Torn down but still un­for­got­ten

Here, in the old­est street in Duis­burg, was the loc­a­tion of what was for a long time the most im­port­ant cul­tur­al centre of the city un­til 1987: the former ?Zen­trum Esch­haus?. This youth centre hos­ted per­form­ances by artists such as Alex­is Korner, Ju­lie Driscoll, BAP and Ton, Steine, Scher­ben. Above all, how­ever, it was the home of the Duis­burg kraut rock band Brösel­maschine, headed by Peter Bursch. This is where he taught vari­ous met­al mu­si­cians how to play the gui­tar. From the mid-1980s, the Esch­haus also be­came a well-known per­form­ance ven­ue for the hard­core punk scene. After a long pub­lic de­bate about noise pol­lu­tion, but also about the new design of the in­land port, the youth centre was pulled down in 1987. You can find the former site if you look for the Dreigiebel­haus ?triple-gable house? which still stands today. The Esch­haus was loc­ated right next door.

Fur­ther in­form­a­tion
Nieder­straße 22-30; Ecke Nonnen­straße

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