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…that’s why it’s so beautiful by the Rhine

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Four day cycling round trip

Like a blue ribbon, the Rhein winds through the friendly, green landscape. Like a red thread, the gentle, wide river encompasses the cycle route you take from Rees via Xanten to Wesel. Along the way, you can "Rheinaue erleben".

A gentle breeze blows constantly in from the Rhein, the magnificent panorama, over which the larks sing and soar, fills you with a sense of serenity. If you are tired of cycling, you can board the passenger ship “Stadt Rees”, sail up the river and allow the rush of air to refresh your senses. But the trip is not only exhilarating when on the move, it’s stages also invite stimulating relaxation.

In Wesel, the old Hanseatic town on the Rhein, the Prussian star-shaped bastion fort and citadel are reminders of former glitz and glory. Explore LVR-Niederrheinmuseum Wesel, which offers a comprehensive history museum dedicated to the Lower Rhine and conveys the many ties with the Netherlands in a comprehensible manner.

In Rees, the oldest town in the lower Niederrhein, the most beautiful Rhine Promenade awaits you. You can stroll around the old town and vividly experience the impressive enormity of our solar system along the “Planetenweg” (planets route).

In Xanten, you will then be taken on a fantastic journey through long-forgotten times – the biggest archaeological open air museum in Germany and the romantic town centre are definitely worth visiting.


Highlights of the tour

  • Willibrordi Cathedral and Berliner Tor, Wesel
  • Planetenwanderweg and sculpture park, Rees
  • Historic old town, Xanten
  • "Rheinaue erleben": Info and App available at www.rheinaue-erleben.de



  • Three overnight stays incl. breakfast
  • A three-course meal
  • Admission LVR-RömerMuseum und LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten
  • A “Roman meal”
  • Admission LVR-Niederrheinmuseum Wesel
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel
  • Maps
  • Numerous excursion tips
  • Free parking at the hotel


Tour distance

71 – 120 km


Tour route

1. Stage | Wesel

2. Stage | Wesel-Rees (approx. 32 km)

3. Stage | Rees-Xanten (approx. 23 or 45 km)

4. Stage | Xanten-Wesel (approx. 16 or 43 km)



3-4* hotels

Map of NRW


More details

Travel period

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2019

Duration in days



per person in a double room from EUR 334,00
per person in a single room from EUR 419,00

Any applicable spa or bed taxes are not included in the price and must be paid on site. Additional overnight stays possible upon request. All prices apply subject to availability at the time of booking.

Images and videos

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© Tourismus NRW e.V., Dominik Ketz
© Tourismus NRW e.V., Dominik Ketz
© Tourismus NRW e.V., Dominik Ketz
© Tourismus NRW e.V., Dominik Ketz

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