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Walk­ing Tour „Sch­lauer Wis­ent“

Wis­ent-Welt-Wit­tgen­stein e.V.

120 minute walk­ing tour with a wis­ent-ranger for up to 15 people in­clud­ing en­trance fee.

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Un­til now, European Bison could only be seen in Ger­many in zoos or en­clos­ures. So the "Wis­ent-Wild­nis" in Bad Ber­le­burg, North Rhine-West­phalia, is a com­pletely new idea – and unique in Ger­many. An area of over 50 acres provides a nat­ur­al, un­spoilt hab­it­at for these 'gentle gi­ant­s' of the an­im­al world.

An ex­cit­ing voy­age of dis­cov­ery awaits vis­it­ors to the "wil­der­ness" – a place where they can not only ad­mire ex­traordin­ary an­im­als but can also en­joy the stun­ning nat­ur­al set­ting in which they live. The area is ac­cess­ible via a loop trail – re­quir­ing around two hours to com­plete the cir­cuit. Those who don't mind in­vest­ing a bit of time will of­ten have their pa­tience re­war­ded with sight­ings of the an­im­als which in­hab­it this won­der­fully se­cluded "Wis­ent-Wild­nis" – a place with its own nat­ur­al, un­hur­ried pace. 



  • 120 minute Walk­ing Tour
  • en­trance fee to "Wis­ent-Wild­nis"



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01.01.2017 - 31.12.2020

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EUR 140,00 for up to 15 people

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