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120 minute walk­ing tour with a wis­ent-ranger for up to 15 people in­clud­ing en­trance fee.

Until now, European Bison could only be seen in Germany in zoos or enclosures. So the "Wisent-Wildnis" in Bad Berleburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a completely new idea – and unique in Germany. An area of over 50 acres provides a natural, unspoilt habitat for these 'gentle giants' of the animal world.

An exciting voyage of discovery awaits visitors to the "wilderness" – a place where they can not only admire extraordinary animals but can also enjoy the stunning natural setting in which they live. The area is accessible via a loop trail – requiring around two hours to complete the circuit. Those who don't mind investing a bit of time will often have their patience rewarded with sightings of the animals which inhabit this wonderfully secluded "Wisent-Wildnis" – a place with its own natural, unhurried pace. 



  • 120 minute Walking Tour
  • entrance fee to "Wisent-Wildnis"



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01.01.2017 - 31.12.2021

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EUR 140,00 for up to 15 people

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© Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein e.V.
© Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein e.V.
© Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein e.V.
© Wisent-Welt Wittgenstein e.V.

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