Als Luftikus dem Geheimnis auf der Spur, © Kletterwald.net

Track­ing down the secret as “Luftikus”

Nieder­rhein Tour­is­mus GmbH

One day tour: Be­gin the day with a treas­ure hunt and fin­ish it as “sum­mit­eer”.

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Be­gin the day with a treas­ure hunt and spend some time in the pic­tur­esque corners of the Burgge­meinde Brüg­gen. Demon­strate team­work on fiddly tasks. Al­tern­at­ively, you can ex­plore the mys­ter­i­ous Kase­mat­ten di­git­ally and listen in on the guide’s ex­plan­a­tions. En­joy a cof­fee on the café ter­race to the sound of the mill, gaz­ing at the Schwalm and chat­ting about what you have ex­per­i­enced.

Then ride to the tran­quil Nieder­rhe­in­is­che Frei­licht­mu­seum Gre­frath and al­low your­self to be car­ried away to an­oth­er time. En­joy a pan­cake like grandma used to make there in every pos­sible vari­ant from sweet to sa­voury. How about a round of “Bü­geln”? “Bü­geln” is en­ter­tain­ing group sport sim­il­ar to boules that is suit­able for every­one.

Then climb high in­to the tree­tops as a “sum­mit­eer”. Every­one pulls to­geth­er to over­come the obstacles and the vari­ous climb­ing courses at Klet­ter­wald Nettet­al-Hins­beck. Glide down the zip wire feel­ing free and un­in­hib­ited, as if you are the king of the jungle.


Brüg­gen (geocach­ing or Kase­mat­ten), Gre­frath (Frei­licht­mu­seum), Nettet­al-Hins­beck (climb­ing)


Tour dis­tance

Brüg­gen – Gre­frath  ap­prox. 20 km

Gre­frath – Nettet­al-Hins­beck ap­prox. 9 km


  • One hour of geocach­ing in Brüg­gen or
  • One hour guided tour in the Kase­mat­ten (book­able from 6 per­sons)
  • Ad­mis­sion Nieder­rhe­in­isches Frei­licht­mu­seum
  • Pan­cakes
  • One climb­ing party with in­struc­tion at Klet­ter­wald Nettet­al-Hins­beck


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Travel period

01.03.2019 - 30.09.2021

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from EUR 52,00

Can be booked as an optional extra “Bügeln” at the pancake house

Excluding transfer services.

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Als Luftikus dem Geheimnis auf der Spur, © Kletterwald.net
Als Luftikus dem Geheimnis auf der Spur, © Andreas Baum
Als Luftikus dem Geheimnis auf der Spur, © Niederrheinisches Freilichtmuseum

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