Fahrradtour über das Gelände der Kokerei Zollverein, © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker

Volle Kanne Ruhr­pott - Guided tours that fol­low the tracks of the coal in­dustry

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Dis­cov­er the high­lights of in­dus­tri­al cul­ture in the won­der­ful, green Ruhr re­gion with the Ruhr­pott guides, and fol­low the tracks of the coal in­dustry by bike, vis­it­ing slag heaps, col­lier­ies and in­dus­tri­al cul­ture ven­ues.

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The ‘Volle Kanne Ruhrpott’, cycle route criss-crosses the Ruhr region over a stretch of 55 km and shows the high diversity of the Ruhr Area. The local ‘simply out Guide’ will accompany you on the less well-known routes through this incredible region. Naturally, collieries, slag heaps, canals, the Emscher river, settlements and Ruhrpott regional history and stories are all included on the tour.

The tour starts at the Zeche Zollverein colliery bike station. For sure - you will be impressed after exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site (duration depending on your level of interest and the time available). The route travels through the wonderful Ruhrtal valley and along disused railway lines to the Gartenstadt Margarethenhöhe, an idyllic settlement that is definitely worth seeing. Cycle paths such as the Nature Route, the RS1 (the first fast cycle path in Germany), the Wasserroute (water route) and the Nordsterntrasse disused railway route are used for the tour. Past at the Niederfeldsee lake and depending on the level of fitness of the cyclists, the time available and the need for information, the tour goes on either to the Tetraeder sculpture or the Schurenbachhalde slag heap, the Nordstern park in Gelsenkirchen and later the Rhine-Herne canal, before return to the Zollverein ‘super-colliery’. It's surprising which views the Ruhr Area has to offer and how the region has changed - a long time before the decision to end the use of coal-fired power stations.

The guide will give you the most important information you need about all the highlights along the way. Feel free to ask him questions - he knows all the answers! For a varied tour, cycling and sightseeing are combined, together with the occasional break. The tour sequence can vary. We visit all the attractions listed above. The guide explains their exciting history, and we then continue with the tour. We visit a café or restaurant for lunch (not included in the tour price).

The team of simply out tours looks forward to seeing you. ‘Glückauf’, as they say here!

Included in the package

  • guided tour of approx. 6-7 hours
  • Accompaniment by a ‘simply out’ tour guide
  • plenty of information about the Ruhr region, information stops, cycle tours, organisation

Not included in the package: Travel to the Zollverein, return travel, catering, rental bike fee, with groups: surcharge for tour individualisation and other simply out services (see: Price list)

Bad weather alternative: this tour also takes place in rainy weather! (For more individual tours and other simply out services see FAQ)

Additional information:

  • Route length: approx. 55 km
  • Route quality: asphalt, gravel, easy slopes (either short and steep - pushing is allowed! - or long with a low incline)
  • Requirements: Registation sufficient fitness for a 55-km tour, your own fully functioning bike or a rental bike

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01.01.2019 - 21.10.2022

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from EUR 28.00 per person with an own bike

from EUR 310.00 for a group of 10 with own bikes

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Images and videos

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Start und Ziel des geführten Fahrradausflugs ist das Welterbe Zollverein in Essen, © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker
Unvergesslich: Besuch auf einer Bergbau-Halde mit Erzählungen eines Kumpels., © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker
Der Förderturm der Zeche Carl Funke vor dem Baldeneysee in Essen, © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker
Die Pannschüppe war eines der wichtigsten Werkzeuge bei der Arbeit mit Kohle, © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker
Fahrradtour über das Gelände der Kokerei Zollverein, © simply out tours/Melanie Hundacker

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