The stage at Odonien, © Ole Löding


In­cred­ibly spe­cial

Repeatedly threatened with closure, the self-nominated “Art and Culture Free State” of Odonien is one of the most unusual and fascinating places in Cologne. The journey there is an adventure in itself. From the “Nippes” S-Bahn overground train station, the route goes through an industrial no-man’s land before passing Europe’s largest brothel. Suddenly, a wonderland of sculptures made from rusty metal parts, incredible works of art made of scrap metal, room installations and hidden corners opens up. Odonien, conceived and successfully brought into being by the sculptor Odo Rumpf, leaves visitors gaping in astonishment. It is a mixture of adventure playground, studio and subcultural event location. The spaces alternate between tents and industrial ruins. There are almost no doors, and the openness to experimentation is reflected in every corner of the site. Unusual parties are held here, as are wild concerts and festivals. In the summer in particular, the open-air site has a unique atmosphere and feel about it - especially when the evening sun sets behind the iconic sculpture of a rusty steel dinosaur and the place vibrates with the sound of the bass.

Further information:
Hornstraße 85, 50823 Cologne


Industrial impressions at the Odonien, © Timo Klein

O-Ton Mar­tin Bechler, For­tu­na Ehren­feld

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