A glimpse into the shop window of Onkel Stereo, © Jule Körber

Onkel Ste­reo

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The small, hip Onkel Stereo bar is a perfect mixture of Ruhrpott chic, a love of all things analogue and hipster attitude. Here, you’ll find selected vinyl records and accessories that publicly express your love of the Ruhr region. There is also a selection of special books and a large amount of DIY gems. For anyone wanting to find out how hip the Ruhr region really is, or who is looking for a souvenir to impress the Berliners, this is the place to come. “Anyone can do Berlin - Duisburg is a place you have to really want”.

Further information
Wallstraße 8, 47051 Duisburg


The record store Onkel Stereo in Duisburg, © Ole Löding