Sommerkino unter freiem Himmel im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, © © Thomas Berns

NR­W's Most Amaz­ing Urb­an Open-air Theat­ers

You might be at the race tracks, along the Rhine or over­look­ing the air­port run­way...

but when the sun goes down, they’re the coolest darn out­door theat­ers you’ve ever seen.

Sure, grabbing a popcorn and chilling out for a movie at theaters like UCI Kinowelt or UFA Palast might be cool. However, what if you could do exactly that… in the middle of the city at an open air theater when the weather is warm, the sun has just gone down and the beer is cold?

There’s no doubt that open air theaters have been booming over the last few years in NRW. They are actually so popular that many of the shows are already sold out weeks before the screening date. Now might be a good time to write that down, so that you can make sure you get around to experiencing at least one of these awesome open air cinemas this summer.

You might be at the race tracks, along the Rhine or overlooking the airport runway, but when the sun goes down, they’re the coolest darn outdoor theaters you’ve ever seen.


Open Air Cinema (alltours Kino) | Düsseldorf

The alltours Kino is one of the most widely known open-air theaters in NRW. This open-air theater has the world’s largest hydraulic screen and is located directly along the Rhine River. This is as urban as it gets, as the alltours Kino is situated directly in the heart of the Düsseldorf old town.

This year, the theater program runs from July 20th until August 20th.


Openairport Kino | Düsseldorf

The airport visitors terrace at the Düsseldorf Airport alone is quite a spectacular place to be. Instead of peering through a distant fence to watch the airplanes land, Düsseldorf Airport created a terrace so you can enjoy the moment up close and personal. To top it all off, the airport opens the Openairport Kino this year from July 2nd until July 30th right on the visitor's terrace. Talk about a view!


Open Air Kino Köln | Cologne

During the summer months, Cologne opens up their harbor and transforms it into an urban open-air cinema where they offer not only classic films and documentaries, but also a range of poetry slams, comedy acts and musical performances.

This year, the theater program runs from July 10th until September 14th.


Stadtwerke Sommerkino | Duisburg

The Stadtwerke Sommerkino in Duisburg was one of my first urban open-air theater experiences in Germany, and it was amazing. The theater seats overlook the entire Landschaftspark, an urban industrial park recreated to explore, adventure and go wild.

This year, the theater program runs from July 12th until August 20th.


Hertener Sommerkino auf Ewald | Herten

Located in the Ewald coal mine, the Hertener open air theater offers an incredible view of the old industrial plant that once stood there. If you want to grab a ticket for the Hertener Sommerkino, you’ll have to act fast as their theater program runs for 4 days between August 17th and August 20th.


Open-Air-Kino am Werksschwimmbad | Essen

The Zeche Zollverein holds a special place in my heart. You might have already known that if you have read my posts on 5 of the Coolest Urban Landmarks in the Ruhr Region and the Rock and Pop in Pott Exhibition. The films played at the open-air theater here are dedicated to one topic in particular. This year, they will focus on earth as a topic.

This year, the theater program runs from July 20th until August 24th.


Kino im Elsebad | Schwerte

Every Friday evening during the summer months, the Elsenbad (pool) opens up into an outdoor cinema. You’ll have the opportunity to hang out by the pool, drink a few cocktails and indulge in crepes and grilled sausages during the movie.

Kino am Elsebad

SWK-Open-Air-Kino | Krefeld

Forget the horses, during the summer evenings between July 17th and August 27th the Krefelder Racetrack turns into the SWK-Open-Air-Kino playing the newest films on a blow-up screen. You’ll be sitting in the stands like you would watching a horse race, but instead, you’ll be kicking back and enjoying a movie under the stars.


Talflimmern Sommerkino | Wuppertal  

Have you ever been to a rooftop cinema before? In Wuppertal, you not only get the opportunity to watch a movie on the rooftop but enjoy the adjoining bar right next door too. The Talflimmern Sommerkino plays a variety of mainstream and international art films with a mix of live music, dance and theater performances as well.

This year, the theater program runs from July 14th until August 27th.


Fiege Kino Open Air Lounge | Bochum

The Fiege Open Air Cinema is located at the Bochumer Privatbrauerei Moritz Fiege (private brewery). They warm their guests up with some live music before the beginning of the film and offer a huge lineup of exciting films from July 20th until August 27th this year.


It doesn’t end there… these are just a few of my favorite urban open-air theaters around NRW, but feel free to check out some more rural options too like the PSD Bank Kino in Dortmund, the Siegener OpenAir-Kino in Siegen, the Biergarten Vierlinden in Düsseldorf and the Burg Wilhelmstein Kino in Würselen. They may not be as urban as the old town or the industrial parks, but the scenery is beautiful and the locations are perfect.

So let’s grab some popcorn and tickets for the open-air theaters this summer!


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf


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Sion Sommerkino am Rheinauhafen Köln, © © Bay Cologne
Fiege Open-Air-Kino im Innenhof der Privatbrauerei Fiege in Bochum, © © Cooltour Bochum
The Talflimmern Open-Air-Cinema © cinopsis, © © cinopsis
The Open Air Cinema at the Krefeld Racetracks, © © Mathis Wienand

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