Glass ball Zeche Zollverein, © Sabrina Schmidt

Pic­ture-Per­fect Spots in #urb­a­nana

The best loc­a­tions for the most in­s­tagram­mable snaps

#urb­a­nana is an ex­cel­lent des­tin­a­tion to roam around with your fin­ger on the shut­ter. We are proud of our re­gion with all its won­der­ful, filthy and rusty fa­cets and will show you the most in­s­tagram­mable spots in #urb­a­nana.

#urbanana is an excellent destination to roam around with your finger on the shutter. We are proud of our region with all its wonderful, filthy and rusty facets and will show you the most instagrammable spots in #urbanana.


Cologne has a lot more to offer than its cathedral. In case you’re carrying a tele lens with you, check out the lookout tower “Domblick” to admire it in its full sight. Just a small entrance fee away is the Köln Triangle. Enjoy the panoramic view over Cologne from the 100 m high tower.

The modern Cologne harbor district Rheinauhafen offers an amazing photography scenery besides culinary, artsy and cultural specialties and is worth making this list. Capture the famous crane houses while discovering the new Veedel.

The Skultpurenpark offers many snappable motives. Before you go, make sure to send an email to to receive an authorization, so you’re free to post your amazing pictures on all those social media channels.

Bring your tele lens for a visit to the church ruins of Alt St. Alban. It is located amidst the old town on Quartermarkt. To protect the old masonry from any vandals, the ruins are only visible from outside. It goes without saying that this mourning sight should be treated with respect.

Have a look at Cologne from a bird’s eye perspective in the cable ropeway. Enjoy a relaxing ride high up above Cologne’s rooftops while you capture the city’s panorama forever.

Some call it tacky, others wonderfully romantic and colorful. The many locks that thousands of couples placed on the Hohenzollernbrücke  make for a motive with a splash of color.


Düsseldorf is much more than its posh image.

The Kiefernstraße in Flingern is probably the most photographed street and it truly deserves that. The facades of the houses are embellished with impressive murals and are constantly changing. Here you can spend some time to capture the colorful street in all its angles.

The Volksgarten will also send you one or two motifs in front of your lens. The time field of Klaus Rinke already impresses at the entrance, 24 clocks resembling a forest play the leading role here. The labyrinth, the petting zoo and the many allotment gardens also invite you to snap. If that's not enough for you, you should visit the Japanese Garden in Nordpark, which makes every photo shoot an experience.

In Eller you can practice action shots in the skate park as well as relax in the Schlosspark Eller. Especially in spring, the park full of magnolias, tulips and daffodils with its lakes and old half-timbered houses offers a particularly beautiful backdrop.

Those who prefer the classic image of the incomparable Düsseldorf skyline, including Gehry buildings, the Rhine Tower, Paradise beach and various bridges, are in particularly good hands at the Medienhafen. The Japan Tag fireworks, for example, can be very well recorded from the pedestrian bridge on the shore of the parliament - don't forget the tripod ;)

While you're already at the Media Harbour, you can stage your first Säulenheiligen there. This is where the woman with the red sweater is set. Ten different ones hide in the whole city and represent everyday people. Do a scavenger hunt and try to find them all.

Beautiful backdrops can be found in the old town. The K20, for example, offers colorful geometry with the Hornet Wall and on the banks of the Rhine, the dabbed wall on the steps is a real eye-catcher.

Ruhr Area

The Ruhr Area is like an outdoor adventure playground for big kids. This is where steely industry meets romantic greenery at sunset.

Zeche Zollverein has many events, which breathe new life into the rusty blast furnaces. This is the right place for everyone who loves a good amount of cold steel and industrial charm. This is in line with the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord. A ginormous walkable playground for adults high up above the city’s rooftops. Regular events like Street Food Festivals and Open Air Movie Theaters provide a colorful pendant to the setting that reminds of the Mad Max Set.

Tiger&Turtle is a walkable rollercoaster and one of my favorites. You won’t get enough of exposing every curve from every angle possible. The old furnaces in the background make for a perfect motive, especially at sunset, and becomes a Mecca for hobby photographers and romantic evenings.

The Center for international Light Art in Unna is a must for all light photography enthusiasts. Long exposures allow light painting and turn photography into a unique experience.

What was once a dump for debris, slag and waste has been turned into a place to linger and feel good at our slag heaps in the Ruhr Area. Many of them have been redesigned and revamped. Beside extensive strolls you’ll get a lot in front of your lens, for example at the Halde Haniel or the Bochum Tetraeder.

Further spots you might want to look at: Halde Rheinelbe Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen Nordsternpark, Horizontobservatorium, Gasometer Oberhausen

Images and videos

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Cologne Kranhäuser, © Axel Schulten/ Köln Tourismus GmbH
Cologne Seilbahn, © Kölner Seilbahn
Skulpturenpark Köln, © Skulpturenpark Köln/ Fotostudio Schraub
Kiefernstraße, © Sabrina Schmidt
Hornet K20, © Sabrina Schmidt
Rheincomet Düsseldorf zum Grand Départ, © Sabrina Schmidt
Pedestrianbridge Parliament, © Sabrina Schmidt
Säulenheiliger Fotograf, © Sabrina Schmidt
Zeitfeld Volksgarten, © Sabrina Schmidt
Säulenheilige Frau im roten Pulli, © Sabrina Schmidt
In Orbit, © Sabrina Schmidt

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