Blick von der Seite auf die Vorburg und die Burg Vischering im Münsterland, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Prox­im­ity Search through the Ruhr Area

The mu­sic­al uni­verse between Dortmund, Es­sen, Duis­burg and Ha­gen

No mat­ter where you are in the Ruhr Area: Turn on the prox­im­ity search and dis­cov­er mu­sic spots around you on your own hook.

You’re out and about in the Ruhr Area and no matter where you’re going you’re feeling somewhat funky? That’s the best time to turn on the proximity search to pay a visit to all the music spots around you. There are more than 100 potential pilgrimage sites in total, ranging from the Jugendzentrum to clubs and record stores.