Paar im Wald, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Quality hiking trails

Many of NRW’s trails have been awarded the designation of ‘quality hiking trail’.

Hikers in North Rhine-Westphalia have quality beneath their feet: an increasing number of trails are being awarded the ‘Quality hiking trail’ seal under the German Hiking Association’s ‘Wanderbares Deutschland’ programme. NRW has something of a tradition here, being present right from the start: the oldest and most successful hiking trail under the certification procedure is the Eggeweg in the Teutoburg Forest.

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Extertal Burg Sternberg, © Gemeinde Extertal

Hanseatic Trail

Panoramic views and salt water springs on a hike through the Teutoburg Forest

Panoramic views, salt water springs and Marta Herford: the Hanseatic Trail in the Teutoburg Forest offers hiking with plenty of nature, relaxation and cultural highlights.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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break at the Ahrsteig, ©

Ahrsteig Trail

A hiking trail that links the Eifel with the Rhine

At 90 kilometres, the Ahrsteig is one of the shorter long-distance hiking trails in Germany. But when it comes to variety it can more than hold its own.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Kartenlesen bei der Wanderung, © Uwe Völkner - Fotoagentur FOX

Bergisch Panorama Trail

Trail with a view

Wonderful views from the top reward hikers’ efforts on the Bergischer Panoramasteig (Bergisch Panorama Trail).

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Bergisch Trail, © Das Bergische gGmbH

Bergisch Trail

Hiking from the Ruhr Area to the Drachenfels on the Rhine

The Bergischer Weg (Bergisch Trail) is a challenging hike through Bergisches Land, but variety is the hiker’s reward.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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panoramic views at the Bestwig Panorama Trail, © Reinhard Schmidtmann

Bestwig Panorama Trail

Hiking with half-timbered idylls and panoramic views of Sauerland

The ideal hiking trail for half-timbered houses and panoramic views. The 53-kilometre trail takes in the idyllic towns and villages around Bestwig.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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the landscape on Brilon Ridge Trail, © Brilon Wirtschaft und Tourismus GmbH

Brilon Ridge Trail

A fantastic, challenging hiking trail

They say that you can meet forest fairies on the Brilon Ridge Trail. This approximately 50 km circular route will leave you believing in the mystical and supernatural.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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two people enjoy the scenery at the Egge trail, © Teutoburger Wald Tourismus

Egge Trail

A hiking path for nature lovers

A unique wealth of abundant scenic views for hikers crossing the ridge of the Egge Hills from the Teutoburg Forest into Sauerland.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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fog at the Ehmsen trail, © Julian Stratenschulte

Ehmsen Trail

On foot from the Ruhr Valley to Biggesee

What more could hikers want? Wide green valleys, idyllic mountain landscapes and charming old towns. The Ehmsenweg (Ehmsen Trail) has all this plus cowboys and pyramids.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Blick vom Hermannsdenkmal, © Teutoburger Wald Tourismus - OWL GmbH

Hermann Heights Trail

Hiking in the land of the Cherusci chieftain

Battles have now been replaced with peaceful relaxation on the Hermannshöhen (Hermann Heights) trail. The ridge of the Teutoburg Forest offers amazing views.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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Sparrenburg Bielefeld header korrigiert © Bielefeld Marketing GmbH Topel

Hermann Trail

One of Germany’s most beautiful high-altitude trails

With a series of wonderful views, the Hermannsweg (Hermann Trail) is rightly regarded as one of Germany’s most beautiful high-altitude trails.

Level of difficulty: intermediate

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