The neon light of Roxy, © Ole Löding


In the heart of the rings

In the middle of the Bel­gian Quarter, with­in view of the Six Pack vinyl has been played at the Roxy (formerly the ?Pan­op­tikum?) since 1974. Live bands from the US, Europe and Africa share the ven­ue with in­ter­na­tion­al DJs. The fo­cus is on Brazil, soul, funk, disco, jazz, reg­gae and house. Thursday is live jazz night.

Dur­ing the 1970s, the club was fre­quen­ted by Arno Stef­fen, Wolfgang Nie­deck­en and Jür­gen Zeltinger, who also played there. From the start, the audi­ence was al­ways mixed, with no im­port­ance giv­en to so­cial class. The old Roxy sign ori­gin­ates from the cinema in the Süd­stadt dis­trict, and was pur­chased for two crates of Kölsch beer. Dur­ing the 1980s, dip­lo­mats from the former cap­it­al Bonn came here, as well as the high so­ci­ety from the re­gion. Today, it is the long his­tory of the club that makes the Roxy so spe­cial, and above all the con­stant, widely vary­ing mu­sic played there with out­stand­ing sound qual­ity. The in­vest­ments in the sound sys­tem and the acous­tic op­tim­isa­tion of the space have been worth their while. Vis­it­ors from France, Bel­gi­um and par­tic­u­larly the Neth­er­lands come to the Roxy when artists such as Moody­mann, Boy George, Ron Trent or Ebo Taylor are on the bill.

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Aachen­er Str. 2, 50674 Co­logne


The sign at Roxy, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

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