The Salon des Amarteurs, © Markus Luigs

Salon des Am­a­teurs

In the con­crete belly of the Kun­sthalle

After Kraftwerk withdrew from the limelight, NEU! split up and the punk movement gradually came to an end in the Ratinger Hof, the late 1980s to far into the 1990s was a time in which Düsseldorf only occasionally succeeded in keeping up with the pop music zeitgeist. Too many innovative musicians left the city and there was a lack of a musical infrastructure. It was not until the mid-1990s that bands such as Kreidler, which was founded in 1994, succeeded in placing Düsseldorf back on the international pop music map. They combined electronic music with analogue instruments, and from this, developed their own mix of avant-garde electronica, dub and techno. However, they also succeeded in creating sustainable artistic structures, in close contact with the Kunstakademie. On of the most important of these is the Salon des Amateurs, which is run by band co-founder Detlef Weinrich, among others. Today, this club is the central musical flagship of the city. From here, the pianist Hauschka rose to become a world star. In 2011, he named one album “Salon des Amateurs”. However, the exciting Düsseldorf duo Grandbrothers, who combine the most exciting elements of modern electronica, prepared pianos and the American minimal music tradition, also emerged from the scene around the salon. The sound of DJs such as Lena Willikens, who lives in Cologne, but who is also resident DJ in the Salon, is now celebrated worldwide at festivals as the new Düsseldorf school. As an art café and event location in the former canteen of the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, the salon, with its high-quality, avant-garde music and culture programme, is a must-see in the city at any time.

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Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

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Dominik von Senger at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
Jaki Liebezeit at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
View towards the Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
Mixing board at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
KPY and YOU Japan night at Salon des Amateurs, © Markus Luigs
Vladimir Ivkovic at Salon des Amarteurs, © Markus Luigs