The Salon des Amarteurs, © Markus Luigs

Salon des Am­a­teurs

In the con­crete belly of the Kun­sthalle

After Kraft­werk with­drew from the lime­light, NEU! split up and the punk move­ment gradu­ally came to an end in the Rat­inger Hof, the late 1980s to far in­to the 1990s was a time in which Düs­sel­dorf only oc­ca­sion­ally suc­ceeded in keep­ing up with the pop mu­sic zeit­geist. Too many in­nov­at­ive mu­si­cians left the city and there was a lack of a mu­sic­al in­fra­struc­ture. It was not un­til the mid-1990s that bands such as Kreidler, which was foun­ded in 1994, suc­ceeded in pla­cing Düs­sel­dorf back on the in­ter­na­tion­al pop mu­sic map. They com­bined elec­tron­ic mu­sic with ana­logue in­stru­ments, and from this, de­veloped their own mix of av­ant-garde elec­tron­ica, dub and techno. However, they also suc­ceeded in cre­at­ing sus­tain­able artist­ic struc­tures, in close con­tact with the Kunstakademie. On of the most im­port­ant of these is the Salon des Am­a­teurs, which is run by band co-founder De­tlef Wein­rich, among oth­ers. Today, this club is the cent­ral mu­sic­al flag­ship of the city. From here, the pi­an­ist Hausch­ka rose to be­come a world star. In 2011, he named one al­bum ?Salon des Am­a­teurs?. However, the ex­cit­ing Düs­sel­dorf duo Grand­broth­ers, who com­bine the most ex­cit­ing ele­ments of mod­ern elec­tron­ica, pre­pared pi­anos and the Amer­ic­an min­im­al mu­sic tra­di­tion, also emerged from the scene around the salon. The sound of DJs such as Lena Wil­likens, who lives in Co­logne, but who is also res­id­ent DJ in the Salon, is now cel­eb­rated world­wide at fest­ivals as the new Düs­sel­dorf school. As an art café and event loc­a­tion in the former canteen of the Kun­sthalle Düs­sel­dorf, the salon, with its high-qual­ity, av­ant-garde mu­sic and cul­ture pro­gramme, is a must-see in the city at any time.

Fur­ther In­form­a­tion:
Grabbe­platz 4, 40213 Düs­sel­dorf


Images and videos

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Dominik von Senger at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
Jaki Liebezeit at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
View towards the Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
Mixing board at Salon des Amateurs, © Andreas Schiko
KPY and YOU Japan night at Salon des Amateurs, © Markus Luigs
Vladimir Ivkovic at Salon des Amarteurs, © Markus Luigs