The Schaafenstraße, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


The most col­or­ful among the streets

Cologne is a city that has a vibrant and diverse gay and lesbian scene since decades. Many people from the LGBT community value the tolerant attitude towards life in the city on the Rhine. The annual "ColognePride" is a boisterous celebration and regularly brings more than a million people to celebrate together. There are several popular nightlife areas around downtown, one worth mentioning especially is the "Bermuda Triangle" in Schaafenstraße. Many gay-lesbian pubs, cafes, saunas, restaurants, party locations and clubs (not only) from gay life make the area a place worth a visit. Here the celebratory mood of the LGBT community blends together perfectly with the Cologne people's joy in singing, dancing and swaying together.

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Schaafenstraße, 50676 Cologne


The so called Bermuda triangle at Schaafenstraße, © Andreas Möltgen

All Pop-Spots of Co­logne