Gröne­mey­er­'s planks that mean the world

From a pop music point of view, the series "Songs & Lyrics" is particularly interesting on the stage just taken over from Johan Simons. Here, presenter Max Kühlem asks German singer/songwriters about their work and lyrics and they perform the finest chamber concerts in a matter-of-fact fashion. From a music-historical point of view, a great man has his stage roots here: Herbert Grönemeyer was able to gain his first stage experience as an actor at the Bochum Schauspielhaus under Peter Zadek. Of course, this heritage is still cultivated today, for example through a Grönemeyer revue as a magnet for audiences. Another icon of the house was Tana Schanzara, who worked as an actress for more than 50 years and who also had success as a singer in the 70s. The former Westfalenpark on the opposite side of the street was also named after her. For a long time, the late pop journalist and Suhrkamp author Wolfgang Welt, who died in 2016, was employed as a night watchman. With his book "Buddy Holly auf der Wilhelmshöhe" he created a semi-autobiographical portrait full of love for rock'n'roll.

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