Gröne­mey­er­'s planks that mean the world

From a pop mu­sic point of view, the series "Songs & Lyr­ics" is par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing on the stage just taken over from Jo­han Si­mons. Here, presenter Max Küh­lem asks Ger­man sing­er/song­writers about their work and lyr­ics and they per­form the finest cham­ber con­certs in a mat­ter-of-fact fash­ion. From a mu­sic-his­tor­ic­al point of view, a great man has his stage roots here: Her­bert Gröne­mey­er was able to gain his first stage ex­per­i­ence as an act­or at the Bo­chum Schaus­piel­haus un­der Peter Za­dek. Of course, this her­it­age is still cul­tiv­ated today, for ex­ample through a Gröne­mey­er re­vue as a mag­net for audi­ences. An­oth­er icon of the house was Tana Schan­zara, who worked as an act­ress for more than 50 years and who also had suc­cess as a sing­er in the 70s. The former West­falen­park on the op­pos­ite side of the street was also named after her. For a long time, the late pop journ­al­ist and Suhrkamp au­thor Wolfgang Welt, who died in 2016, was em­ployed as a night watch­man. With his book "Buddy Holly auf der Wil­helmshöhe" he cre­ated a semi-auto­bi­o­graph­ic­al por­trait full of love for rock­'n'roll.

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