KulturPur in Hilchenbach-Lützel, © KulturBüro des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein

Sieger­land-Wit­tgen­stein for fam­il­ies

En­coun­ters with the “little red­head” and much more

Our tips for fam­ily activ­it­ies in Sieger­land-Wit­tgen­stein: Dis­cov­ery walk­ing trails hold many sur­prises, in­clud­ing en­coun­ters with European bison and lla­mas.

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Walk­ing with the ?little red­head?

The Sieger­land-Wit­tgen­stein re­gion has come up with a nov­el idea to get chil­dren in­ter­ested in walk­ing and hik­ing in the great out­doors. The Rothaarsteig trail, which trans­lates as the ?red hair trail?, is re­garded as one of Europe?s most beau­ti­ful high-alti­tude trails. A story has been woven around a small red­headed imp who roams the area and in­vites young vis­it­ors to dis­cov­er his fairy-tale paths, secret hide­aways and ma­gic­al treas­ures. The two-kilo­metre-long path starts at a well-sign­posted car­park and leads past many stops telling fant­ast­ic­al stor­ies about the little red­head and his forest home.

The Siegquelle (source of the Sieg) path­way in Net­phen is an­oth­er dis­cov­ery trail that in­vites chil­dren to run loose and en­joy nature with all their senses. Quite a few obstacles have to be over­come in the forest along the way ? which is what makes this cir­cu­lar trail such an ad­ven­ture for young vis­it­ors!

Ranger tours provide an­oth­er in­ter­est­ing way for fam­il­ies to learn more about nature. The pro­fes­sion­al forest guides know this ter­rain like the back of their hands, and are more than happy to share their know­ledge with kids of all ages and their par­ents. Tak­ing secret paths, find­ing liz­ards and oth­er nat­ive an­im­als and dis­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent plants are all pos­sible on a ranger tour.

En­coun­ters with lla­mas and European bison

Fam­il­ies with even more of a taste for something dif­fer­ent should pay a vis­it to the Aben­teuer­dorf Wit­tgen­stein centre. From here, groups of up to 12 people can set off on a hike with some South Amer­ic­an lla­mas for com­pany. Hikers can learn all about the an­im­als dur­ing the 2½-hour guided tour, in­clud­ing how they are kept and what they are used for. The Aben­teuer­dorf centre it­self has loads of fun activ­it­ies for kids, from crazy golf to a raft­ing pond to a foot­ball pitch.

An even more un­usu­al en­counter with an­im­als awaits at Wis­ent-Welt Wit­tgen­stein. Since 2013, a nature pro­ject like no oth­er in West­ern Europe has been un­der­way at this re­serve. Here on the Rothaarsteig moun­tains, European bison are again roam­ing freely. Com­ing across one of the gentle and shy creatures in the wild is highly un­likely, how­ever, and hikes last­ing sev­er­al hours are hardly prac­tic­al with chil­dren in tow.

This is ex­actly why Wis­ent-Wild­nis was set up in Bad Ber­le­burg. Here, vis­it­ors can see a 20-an­im­al herd of European bison in a fenced one-hec­tare en­clos­ure. A three-kilo­metre path through the wil­der­ness leads fam­il­ies through a tun­nel de­signed like a badger?s sett and along the course of a stream, with op­por­tun­it­ies to view the gentle gi­ants without dis­turb­ing them along the way. At the free-of-charge Wis­ent In­ter­act­ive Ex­hib­i­tion, chil­dren and their par­ents can learn more about the spe­cial an­im­als they have just seen.

Trav­el­ling back in time

Be­fore their re-in­tro­duc­tion in­to the wild in 2013, the last free-roam­ing European bison in the Middle Ages were liv­ing in the Wit­tgen­stein re­gion. They might even have passed by Gins­burg Castle, which dates from the 12th cen­tury. Fam­il­ies have a chance to travel back in time here by vis­it­ing the castle and climb­ing its high tower.

Freuden­berg Tech­no­logy Mu­seum is an­oth­er at­trac­tion where vis­it­ors young and old can get an in­sight in­to an­oth­er age. The mu­seum shows how people worked with ma­chines and means of trans­port­a­tion over a cen­tury ago. The amaz­ing thing is that the ma­chines, fore­most among them the huge steam en­gine, are all still in good work­ing or­der.


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KulturPur in Hilchenbach-Lützel, © KulturBüro des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein
Die Herde der Wisent-Wildnis, © Wisent Welt Wittgenstein
Quellwasser von der Siegquelle, © Siegerland-Wittgenstein Touristikverband e.V.
Ranger zeigt den Kindern die Natur, © Rothaarsteigverein / K.-P.Kappest
Technik die begeistert, © Technikmuseum Freudenberg / Fischbach

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KulturPur in Hilchenbach-Lützel, © KulturBüro des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein

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