Die Straßenansicht des Six Pack, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Six Pack

This one's for the night owls in Co­logne

Since the mid-1980s, taxi drivers in Cologne have been asked by female passengers to take them to the bar with the gorgeous bartenders, on Aachener Strasse in the middle of the Belgian Quarter. Alongside the Roxy, the Sixpack is another bar where you can turn up late and make your way home in the morning. While Cologne may not be Berlin, it’s still not easy to get into the Sixpack; the doormen limit access, since on most nights, the club is simply too full. Alternating DJs work the room with life-affirming, vibrant sounds, currently mostly with electronic music. It’s hard not to get to know new people in this atmosphere. There’s only bottled beer available, but more than a few different varieties! The huge fridge behind the bar has a history of its own, and has dominated the interior since the bar was founded (you can find out more by asking the good-looking barmen). Instead of the typical Kölsch beer drinkers, this is the place where the friendly hipsters in the area meet, as well as all kinds of revellers, famous people and guests who are well-known on the club scene. There’s always a colourful mixture of people to be found at the Sixpack. At any rate, at some point during the evening, the women start dancing on the bar in lighting that makes everyone look beautiful. The Sixpack is still the place to meet for people who talk (or write) about pop music. Today, the beer is no longer served in cans, and the club is no longer aimed mainly at marginal groups; today, there is simply a large number of different beers from the bottle, renovated rooms and local Flimm spirits, including the light green woodruff (“Waldmeister”) schnapps.

Further information:
Aachener Str. 33, 50674 Cologne


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