The streetview towards the Sonic Ballroom, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Son­ic Ball­room

The boss of the trouble­maker street

The alternative, punky, rough bars are becoming more of a rarity, but in the Sonic Ballroom in Ehrenfeld, there is still space for cultivated noise for up to 100 guests. Young hardcore, rock’n’roll and punk bands appear here, while the small beer garden offers space for smokers and there is a counter-culture atmosphere. Many different kinds of music are included in the programme, with room for all genres. The main thing is that the bands are fresh, surprising, and fit into the venue. The public is more mixed than you might expect, and the clichés of the 1980s are long forgotten – the guests might be united by their taste in music, but not necessarily by the clothes they choose to wear. For anyone with an aversion to perfectly styled bars, boring trendy cocktails and music from bland shuffle lists, this is the place to be.

Further information:
Oskar-Jäger-Straße 190, 50825 Cologne


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