FZW crowd, © FZW


Where the punk's go­ing on

The “new” FZW, which was opened in 2009 as a new version of the “Freizeitzentrum West” (“recreational centre west”) on the Neuer Graben, is Dortmund’s busiest concert location. Almost every evening, concerts of almost all genres are given here. While the focus is on indie pop, the programme also includes punk, metal, reggae, readings and parties. The excellently curated “Way Back When” festival is also held every year in the FZW. There are still music fans today who regret the move of the FZW and who miss the excessive, hippy-esque, improvised atmosphere in the old FZW, where it was sometimes so crowded that the bands were hardly able to make their way through the audience to reach the stage. All this is true. However, for anyone who isn’t too nostalgic, the new FZW offers an excellent concert location with a diverse programme, a great sound system and even so, a hot and sweaty club atmosphere with space for just over 1,000 people. And the patina that has been lost will be recreated over the coming years.

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