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Stadthalle Ha­gen

ar­chi­tec­tur­ally and mu­sic­ally fas­cin­at­ing

The architecturally fascinating Stadthalle Hagen is located quite far from the city center and can only be reached with difficulty by bus. Opened in 1981, it was elegantly and colour-matched integrated into the hilly landscape of a former quarry in the Volmetal. In summer days it almost disappears behind the large green trees. Those who visit it will discover surprising corners in the ensemble built by Eckhard Gerber and can follow the labyrinth-like stair constructions of the rocky landscape of the quarry. In the large concert hall, MOR concerts and performances by comedians and TV personalities take place. It is particularly charming that this "Green Hall" with its forest colours is usually furnished with green chairs and feels like a concert in a forest clearing in its finest moments.

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Wasserloses Tal 2, 58093 Hagen