Der Altenberger Dom von weitem, © Klaus Stange,

Al­ten­ber­ger Kul­tursom­mer fest­iv­al in Ber­gisches Land

Al­ten­berg Sum­mer of Cul­ture in Ber­gisches Land

Clas­sic­al, jazz and even tra­di­tion­al songs in the Co­logne dia­lect in an ex­traordin­ary set­ting: the Al­ten­berg Sum­mer of Cul­ture com­bines mu­sic with ar­chi­tec­tur­al gems, such as Al­ten­berg Cathed­ral.

This annual summer music event takes place in an impressive setting in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district. Since its first appearance in 2005 the Altenberger Kultursommer (Altenberg Summer of Culture) in Odenthal has developed into an increasingly important music festival with a national reputation.

High-profile concerts lie at the heart of this festival – with performances ranging from sacred cantatas to songs in the Cologne dialect. The festival has something to offer everyone from chamber music and jazz ensemble enthusiasts to those who prefer symphonies by Mozart or Beethoven. What the concerts have in common, however, is that their content and character reference the respective concert venues in the River Dhünn region. And these venues are anything but ordinary: Altenberg Cathedral is one, as is Strauweiler Castle, the Church of St. Pancras and the Maria in der Aue conference centre, which offers breathtaking views over the Bergisch idyll.

One highlight of the festival in Bergisches Land is the music festival at Strauweiler Castle, where a draws a variety of guests, offers culinary delights and concludes with a fireworks display. Opening and closing concerts frame the festival.