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The Dorf - The Mag

Eureka! Fresh and thrill­ing Düs­sel­dor­f­ness

The blog-turned-magazine has the right stuff for trouble­makers.

Eureka moments so striking that we want to shout it out of the window. The Dorf takes us with it into courtyard galleries and through the night with partying designers. We voluntarily disappear with them as scoundrels through the train station district. They got all the hot spots of the city - starting with D and ending with orf - down, and the events calendar is enough to get you nervous. So much to do, so much to see! The concentrated load of Düsseldorf-savvy for the second print edition is out in 2018 in English-language.

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Check out the online version here: www.thedorf.de/tag/the-mag/