Getreidefeld auf der Genussroute, © Münsterland e.V.

The Nat­ur­Genuss­Route

The per­fect com­bin­a­tion for cyc­ling gour­mands in Mün­ster­land

The “Nat­ur­Genuss­Route” in Mün­ster­land provides the per­fect com­bin­a­tion of idyll­ic cyc­ling coun­try and re­gion­al del­ic­acies for cyc­ling gour­mands.

Münsterland, with its vivid green meadows and pastures, sparse  copses and pretty hedgerows, does not just provide a feast for the eyes. It is also known for its many culinary delicacies, which are best enjoyed in the region itself, whether bought fresh from a farmers’ market or lovingly prepared by a chef.

The best way to combine the two is to cycle the 160-kilometre-long “NaturGenussRoute” (Nature and Culinary Enjoyment Route) set up by the nature conservation centre NABU Naturschutzstation Münsterland. This cycle path connects idyllic parkland with relaxed restaurants, farmhouse cafés and farm shops selling regional vegetables, meat or even fruit, some of which is organically produced. There is plenty to tempt the taste buds, from a hearty steak sourced from the Ems pasturelands, summer-sweet apple juice from the meadow orchards along the cycle pathway, and sweet treats like bread and honey or even poppy chocolate. Buying any of this produce from the NABU centre or from farm shops not only guarantees that you are getting top quality, but that you will also be supporting local farmers and nature conservation projects.

NABU offers guided tours

Since the culinary experience by itself provides just half the enjoyment, NABU offers a selection of guided tours along the NaturGenussRoute, including the “Tischlein-deck-Dich-Tour” (Wishing Table Tour) through the Davert, one of the largest continuous forested areas in the Westphalian Bay and as a European natural heritage area the home of many rare plant and animal species. The roughly 30-kilometre-long round tour passes through idyllic oak woods and bog forests, tranquil clearings and the last area of heath in the region. Participants will also hear exciting legends and stories at myth-steeped locations and experience culinary surprises along the way, with a delicious menu rounding off the tour.

Somewhat shorter, but no less interesting, is the “Ein romantisches Picknick in der Heide” (a romantic picnic in the heath) tour. This takes in the small islands in the Rieselfelder Münster bird sanctuary, where a wonderful example of heathland is preserved. The Bentheimer Landschaf sheep are playing an active role in this preservation, ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy the original natural landscape. This endangered breed grazes in the heath, thus preventing the invasion of non-native plants and the accumulation of dead plant parts. Those who complete the 18-kilometre-long tour will be rewarded with a typical heathland speciality: a delicious bilberry pancake or tender Bentheimer lamb.


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Auf Entdeckungstour, © Münsterland e.V.
Getreidefeld auf der Genussroute, © Münsterland e.V.
Aussicht in die Auenlandschaft, © Münsterland e.V.
Pferd auf einer Weide in der Nähe von Ladbergen, © Münsterland e.V.

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