Busy Hohenzollernring, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

The Rings

The fam­ous - no­tori­ous party mile

The Cologne "rings" are considered Cologne's most famous nightlife district, especially for guests from outside the city. The "Rings" cover the center of Cologne in a semicircle and are a hotspot for clubs, pubs and cafés, especially between the Barbarossaplatz and the Christophstraße. It's great fun to dilly-dally from one place to another and enjoy the boulevardish character of the streets. People love the variety of clubs and pubs. You can find student clubs as well as sophisticated scene discotheques, hits, hip hop and electro can be found door to door. Tuned and lowered cars make the engines howl and cruise around the streets while the party people follow the principle of "seeing and being seen". Especially between Rudolfplatz and Friesenstraße, there is always a big hurry-scurry until the early hours of the morning. This is were the hippest clubs for techno and house are situated and where celebrities and half-celebrities of the media landscape of Cologne meet to party.

Especially interesting for fans of pop history is the address Hohenzollernring 97. Cologne's "Studio 54", the Lovers Club, was located here in the 1970s. Later, the Rave Club took over the premises; Cologne's first techno club (even before Berlin’s UFO or Frankfurt’s Omen).

Further information:
Hohenzollernring, 50672 Cologne

Historic photograph of Scotch Club on Hohenzollernring, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

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