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The Ruhr Re­gion Ve­gan Res­taur­ant Guide

Get green!

Ve­gan is a new and vi­brant cuisine with fla­vors that will zap your taste buds.

Honestly? There may be some of you who have already fully embraced the vegan trend that has recently hit NRW, but there are likely a few of you questioning me on why on earth you would want to read about all the vegan restaurants around the Ruhr Region.

Truth? Whether you’re on board with this urban trend or not, eating vegan is a great way to slim down, gain energy, support animals, save the planet and simply just feel great.

So, if you’re excited about this new Ruhr Region Restaurant Guide, the pleasure was all mine. If you’re still questioning this new vegan trend, well… may I suggest you give it a try?

Vegan food isn’t the same as it once was - like plain couscous on a bowl of dry lettuce - it’s a new and vibrant cuisine with flavors that will zap your taste buds.

Guten Appetit!

Cafe Fleischlos

There’s no denying that Germans love their “Kaffee und Kuchen”, am I right? At Cafe Fleischlos, they’re baking up delicious batches of vegan cupcakes and tortes and have a wide range of breakfast options available too.

Address: Weidkamp 5, Essen-Borbeck, Essen, Germany

Website: www.cafefleischlos.de


Farbenfroh serves up scrumptious vegan dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is isn’t your local fast food joint, Farbenfroh is an elegant place to enjoy your dinners and lunch with a vegan flare.

Address: Franziskastrasse 69 (at Paulinenstrasse), Essen, Germany

Website: www.farbenfroh-essen.de

Peace Food

There are vegan restaurants, and then there are vegan Vietnamese restaurants like Peace Food. While vegan food is a cuisine in itself, there’s nothing better than implementing vegan dishes in an already well-established cuisine like Vietnamese.

Address: Huestr. 74, Essen, Germany

Website: Peace Food Facebook Page


Forget all you can eat meat buffet, Sattgrün has a delicious buffet of vegan and vegetarian options that will blow your taste buds away. If you have a few friends still unsure about this new vegan food culture, bring them to Sattgrün, and I promise you, they’ll love it.

Address: Rathenaustrasse 2, Essen, Germany

Website: www.sattgruen.com


Imagine all your German favorites, but vegan. You might think it’s impossible… but Krümelküche serves up some delicious classics like Spätzle with mushrooms, mixed salads, spinach quiche and burgers with blueberry-thyme chutney.

Address: Johanniter Str 28, Duisburg, Germany

Website: www.kruemelkueche.de


Remember what I said about mixing vegan cuisine with a popular international cuisine? How about Turkish food with a vegan twist? At Cigköftem, you’ll find all the delicious Turkish favorites, but vegan.

Address: Bergischer Ring 1, Hagen, Germany

Website: Cigköftem Facebook Page


Veganalina is well known for their open arms and friendly atmosphere, for humans and animals alike. You’ll find organic, fair trade, vegan, gluten free and lactose-free products here. Can’t find it anywhere else? Try Veganalina.

Address: Südstrasse 19, Hamm, Germany

Website: www.veganalinacafe.de

Restaurant Ronja

Soups, salads, fried veggies and hummus, at Restaurant Ronja you’ll never go home with an empty stomach. Restaurant Ronja serves up hearty and delicious favorites even meat eaters will enjoy for a change.

Address: Kettwiger Str. 15, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Website: www.restaurant-ronja.de


Have I got those tastebuds screaming yet? Go on, give them a try and don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favorite!


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf

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