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Top 7: Day trip tips for sum­mer

Bauhaus, Ger­many’s biggest hik­ing fest­iv­al and forest bathing

The open-air sea­son has of­fi­cially star­ted! We’ve com­piled a list of things you must­n't miss this sum­mer in North Rhine-West­phalia.

1. Bauhaus is cel­eb­rat­ing its an­niversary

In 2019, Ger­many cel­eb­rates one hun­dred years of Bauhaus ? and NRW is in­volved in the an­niversary too. Ex­hib­i­tions are be­ing set up, them­at­ic routes de­veloped and guided tours de­signed to give vis­it­ors a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of the ideas and im­pact of the Bauhaus. Not just in the cit­ies of Es­sen, Ha­gen and Krefeld ? the so-called Bauhaus tri­angle ? but through­out the whole of NRW, cer­tain places in­vite you to go on a jour­ney of dis­cov­ery.

2. Ger­man Hik­ing Day in Sauer­land

The 119th Ger­man Hik­ing Day from 3 to 8 Ju­ly 2019 will be a ?Gath­er­ing of the Gen­er­a­tions? in Sauer­land. In the re­gions of Win­ter­berg and Schmal­len­berg, loc­al guides will take you on an ex­cur­sion through the their homes and take you to their fa­vour­ite places. It?s ?off to see the bison with the ranger? on hikes spe­cially for fam­il­ies and chil­dren. And any­one who would prefer to take it a little easi­er can re­gister for an ?ap­point­ment with Dr. Forest?.

3. Mu­sic Pic­nic in the castle park

To mark the 200th birth­day of the Co­logne com­poser Jacques Of­fen­bach, the most beau­ti­ful castles in Rhein-Erft and the Ober­ber­gisch dis­trict will be of­fer­ing a com­bin­a­tion of con­certs and pic­nics. From 7 Ju­ly to 22 Septem­ber 2019, Of­fen­bach?s fa­mil­i­ar melod­ies will ring out un­der the open sky, im­mersed in the his­tor­ic am­bi­ence. The eight stately homes that are to be­come con­cert ven­ues in­clude, for ex­ample, the Kom­mandeurs­burg coun­try es­tate in Ker­pen, where the en­semble of Kam­merop­er Köln will play in the park on 11 Au­gust 2019. Vis­it­ors will also be pur­chas­ing a filled pic­nic bas­ket and blanket when they buy their tick­ets.

4. Re­fresh­ingly re­lax­ing: Forest bathing

Shin­rin-Yoku means ?forest bathing?, or ?breath­ing in the forest at­mo­sphere?. This is a Ja­pan­ese tra­di­tion in which people con­sciously spend time in a forest, breath­ing in the healthy air and find­ing peace. It has even been sci­en­tific­ally proven that forest air has health be­ne­fits. After just an hour of forest bathing, blood pres­sure and stress hor­mone levels are re­duced. The Kneipp ther­apy also makes good use of the pos­it­ive ef­fects of the forest: In the Sauer­land forests around Ols­berg, for ex­ample, Kneipp in­struct­or Gudrun Hage­meister of­fers Kneipp walk­ing tours.

5. Watch films on the smelt­ing fur­nace

Nowadays, there are plenty of open-air cinemas on of­fer. However, the one in the Duis­burg-Nord land­scape park has be­come an in­sti­tu­tion. En­joy great films in front of the im­press­ive back­drop of a former smelt­ing fur­nace - a unique ex­per­i­ence that at­tracts so many people that you have to be quick to re­serve tick­ets. However, any­one leav­ing empty-handed will find oth­er un­usu­al open air loc­a­tions in NRW.

6. New tips for a sum­mer of cyc­ling

A cyc­ling tour in­clud­ing a leis­urely pic­nic is just what you need for a lovely sum­mer?s day. There are around 14,000 kilo­metres of cyc­ling paths in NRW ? and there?s al­ways something new to dis­cov­er: On the one hand, there are five new re­com­men­ded sec­tions of the Rhine cycle route in North Rhine-West­phalia, with which cyc­lists can dis­cov­er the var­ied land­scapes and cul­tur­al di­versity on both sides of the river, from Bad Hon­nef to the bor­der of Lower Sax­ony.

On the oth­er hand, there are 15 new themed routes in the Ruhr area. The cyc­ling routes with names like ?Stahlküche? (steel kit­chen), ?Gruben­fahrt? (un­der­ground tour) and ?Wasser­land­schaft? (wa­ter land­scape) lead to spe­cial loc­a­tions in the re­gion ? the shortest route be­ing 29 kilo­metres long and the heavy­weight round at 68 kilo­metres be­ing for more ex­per­i­enced cyc­lists.

7. Along themed routes through the Ber­gis­che Land

Six themed routes lead mo­tor­ists, mo­tor­cyc­lists and camper van drivers along scen­ic roads past some of the re­gion?s most re­mark­able sights. For ex­ample, you can choose the half-timbered route, which goes past typ­ic­al Ber­gis­che half-timbered houses, the Bonte Kerken tour, which leads to small churches with col­our­fully painted in­teri­ors, or the reser­voirs route, which goes around the large lakes. The Ber­gis­che Land pan­or­ama tour com­bines all of the re­gion?s high­lights on a sight­see­ing tour that passes Al­ten­berg Cathed­ral, Burg Castle, Bever Reser­voir and Ag­ger Reser­voir and the Panar­bora Park tree­top walk.


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