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The Best Ways to Cel­eb­rate an Urb­an Winter Won­der­land in NRW

It’s the most won­der­ful time of year!

A time where des­pite cold noses and tingling toes, the at­mo­sphere is beau­ti­ful, the Glüh­wein is warm and there is so much to cel­eb­rate dur­ing the winter sea­son.

It?s the most won­der­ful time of year! A time where des­pite cold noses and tingling toes, the at­mo­sphere is beau­ti­ful, the Glüh­wein is warm and there is so much to cel­eb­rate dur­ing the winter sea­son.

You can vis­it all of the world-fam­ous Christ­mas mar­kets in North Rhine-West­phalia (NRW), but even when Christ­mas has come to an end and the New Year is quickly ap­proach­ing, there is much to be ex­per­i­enced and ex­plored.

Here are just 8 won­der­ful ways you can cel­eb­rate an urb­an winter in NRW:


Ski down the Jever Fun Halle Slopes in Neuss

There might not be much snow in the urb­an parts of the city, but the Jever Fun Halle in Neuss is an awe­some in­door ski hall for the ad­ren­aline seekers. You can join a ski club, a ski camp, a ski school or cel­eb­rate a birth­day on the slopes, or you can even take the snow to-go (start­ing at 35 Euro per cu­bic meter).  


Skate through the Old Coal Fact­ory in Es­sen

There are quite a num­ber of skat­ing halls around NRW, but there?s something ma­gic­al about the old coal fact­ory in Es­sen that makes you feel like you?ve fallen right in­to the pages of a winter won­der­land story­book. Sur­round your­self with the beau­ti­ful lights of the old in­dus­tri­al plant, skate along the ice, grab a cup of hot chocol­ate and play a round of curl­ing.


Cheer on your Team at an Ice Hockey Match

Ice hockey might not be as wildly pop­u­lar as foot­ball is around NRW, but you might just sur­prise your­self by at­tend­ing an ice hockey match. The fans are loud, the beer is cold and the at­mo­sphere is wild. If there?s one thing to be said about hockey games (like the DEG), they cer­tainly know how to keep the crowd en­gaged.


Walk Through the Light In­stall­a­tions at Gruga­park

If you?re look­ing for some peace and re­lax­a­tion, Gruga­park is beau­ti­ful in the win­ter­time. A great tip is to go just be­fore the sun starts to set so you can en­joy the beau­ti­ful light in­stall­a­tions around the park as you go for an even­ing stroll.


Ex­per­i­ence ES­SEN.ON.ICE at Kennedy­platz in Es­sen

ES­SEN.ON.ICE starts up on Janu­ary 19th, 2018 and runs un­til March 11th, 2018 next year, are you ready? Here you?ll be able to ex­per­i­ence everything won­der­ful about winter, on ice. Check out an on-ice foot­ball match, slide down the snowy slopes in an in­ner tube, go skat­ing, try out curl­ing or watch one of their many dance per­form­ances on ice.


Go on a Winter Won­der­land Hike through the Woods

There are so many beau­ti­ful hik­ing paths in NRW, it?s hard to just pick one. If you read up on the ?Top Trails of Ger­many in NRW?, you?ll be able to pick your fa­vor­ite and go on a winter won­der­land hike through the woods wherever your heart de­sires. The Eifel? The Rhein­steig? The choice is yours!


Play in the Sauer­land Snow 

The urb­an cit­ies around NRW might have very little snow, but Sauer­land is of­ten filled with snow! You can go to­bog­gan­ing, cross-coun­try ski­ing, snow­board­ing and even en­joy a few warm drinks up in the ski chalets this winter!


Join the Ice Disco at Re­vi­er­park Wis­chlin­gen in Dortmund 

Why go to a disco club in the winter when you can join an Ice Disco at Re­vi­er­park Wis­chlin­gen in Dortmund? Dance the night away on skates while listen­ing to a live DJ, en­joy­ing a few pip­ing hot drinks and watch­ing the awe­some light show.


What are you wait­ing for?! It?s time to get busy cel­eb­rat­ing an urb­an winter won­der­land in NRW!

Writ­ten by Jenna Dav­is | Life in Düs­sel­dorf

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Playing in the Sauerland Snow, © Jenna Davis / Life in Düsseldorf
Skating Rink in Essen, © Jenna Davis / Life in Düsseldorf
Cross-Country Skiing in Sauerland, © Jenna Davis / Life in Düsseldorf
Curling in Essen, © Jenna Davis / Life in Düsseldorf

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