glücklich unverpackt Ladenzeile, © Sabrina Schmidt

#urb­a­nana un­wrapped

Pack­age-free su­per­mar­kets in #urb­a­nana

Make a con­scious and sus­tain­able de­cision and buy your gro­cer­ies at pack­age-free su­per­mar­kets in #urb­a­nana as your con­tri­bu­tion to free­ing our beau­ti­ful plan­et from all that waste.

Shrink wrapped cucumbers, plastic wrapped paprika packages of three, small gummi bear bags wrapped in big gummi bear bags, there’s even micro plastic in my body lotion. I am sick and tired of all this unnecessary packaging waste. I cannot get those pictures of dying animals who have consumed too much plastic or the turtle whose shell has been deformed by a plastic ring that is usually meant to hold a six-pack of beer cans out of my head. Meanwhile, more and more organizations are forming, dedicating themselves to the disposal of trash in the environment. But what can we do to prevent making that much waste?

The answer is actually quite simple: purchase unwrapped groceries. For example, in the unpackaged stores of #urbanana. Christiane Teske and her daughter Lucy have been offering organic necessities in their little corner store “glücklich unverpackt” for over a year now. Upon setting foot into the store you immediately feel the cozy atmosphere with a mixture of candy shop and corner store that makes you feel welcome.

So how do I shop in a package-free supermarket? First, you will need some kind of container (tupperware, mason jars, cans, bags, etc.), that you would like to fill. These can also be purchased in store. In case of a surplus of jars at home, leave them in the “take one leave one” box for other customers to use. The container will be weighed, the weight noted and off you go happily filling it with all the good stuff. Whichever groceries have the same price can be put in the same container. Otherwise there are bowls available to fill and weigh separately at first and combine later.

The assortment ranges from a variety of cereal products, pasta, muesli, dried fruits and different candies to soaps from the Sauerland area, shampoos, detergent, toilet cleaner and even bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds. She receives a daily delivery of fruit, veggies and eggs from an organic farmer in Wesel and the honey and mustard also come from the region. With all her products, she places high value on organic or even demeter quality. Whenever there is a special demand from the customers that fits the store’s concept, she happily orders them, just like the bamboo toothbrushes with nylon brushes that are only available at her store in the entire region.

“That’s gotta be crazy expensive!”, is what I hear the protesting voices say already. There is not much of a difference to the prices in organic supermarkets and customers have the possibility to only buy as much as they need. Most importantly, the amount of waste is significantly reduced.

Glücklich unverpackt hosts a variety of events in the store. The class on how to do beeswax cloths always finds great acceptance. They also offer bake sales from which the turnouts are donated to 4Ocean, an organization that is dedicated to cleaning the oceans.


Here is a list of package free stores in #urbanana:

Bottrop: Allerlei Verpackungsfrei www.allerlei-verpackungsfrei.de

Düsseldorf: FLinse & Co. www.flinse.co

Essen: glücklich unverpackt www.facebook.com/gluecklichunverpackt 

Köln: migori www.migori.de

         Tante Olga www.facebook.com/tanteolgakoeln

         Veedelskrämer www.veedelskraemer.de

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glücklich unverpackt Ladenzeile, © Sabrina Schmidt
glücklich unverpackt Ladenzeile, © Sabrina Schmidt
delicacies for the sweet tooth, © Sabrina Schmidt
just fill it up!, © Sabrina Schmidt
upcoming events at gluecklich unverpackt, © Sabrina Schmidt
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fill em up!, © Sabrina Schmidt

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