#urbanana Fotomission, © Georg Hopp / Fänger der Zeit

#urbanana photo mission

Your urban playground

Camera around your neck? Kneepads on? A pair of alert eyes in your face? Good, let’s go and check out the best photos of the #urban jungle!

#urbanana and EyeEm have sent you on a photo mission. Proliferation and stylistic blunders, culinary blatancies and colorful walls, main stages and rear courtyards – all of that is #urbanana, between Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr area. You showed us, what wows you on your doorstep! Captured your urban playground in the urban jungle of the west and beyond.

The jury containing of

Alain Biber (Director NRW Forum, Düsseldorf: www.nrw-forum.de)
Heide Häusler (Director Photoscene Festival, Cologne: festival2018.photoszene.de)
Nick Harwart (Photographer: www.nickharwart.com)
Dr. Heike Döll-König (Managing Director Tourismus NRW e.V.)

made their choice. The best photos were shot by

Joris R. Gorling, Jürgen Brinkmann, Mike D., Nathan Goldenzweig, Oxana Guryanova, Tanja Knieps und Thorsten Donig


Images and videos

Be inspired: images of your NRW

#urbanana x EyeEm, © Thorsten Donig
#urbanana x EyeEm - Stechpalmen, © Tanja Knieps
#urbanana x EyeEm - Tiger & Turtle, © Oxana Guryanova
#urbanana x EyeEm - Knoten, © Nathan Goldenzweig
#urbanana x EyeEm - Kunstakademie, © Mike D
#urbanana x EyeEm - Kiosk, © Jürgen Brinkmann
#urbanana x EyeEm - Zirkus, © Joris R. Gorling