The Turock at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber

Vie­hofer Platz

Genu­ine Ruhr­pott bliss.

Playing billiards and noshing up on food from € 1,90 (Spaghetti Pomodoro) to an Argentinian Steak in the Nord filled with the sound of Rock, refueling on a bit of Rockabilly- flair in the “Don’t panic” and finally moving on to the legendary metal disco: Turock. They can be combined but are just as great to be enjoyed separately. The Viehofer Platz offers space for a different scene. Especially in summer during the Turock-Open.Air weekend, which Peter Sievert successfully decoupled from the Essen-Original-Festival, when the city center’s periphery is drowned in high voltage guitar sounds.

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The sign of Café Nord, © Jule Körber
The Café Nord at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber
The sign of Don't Panic at Viehofer Platz, © Ole Löding
The Turock at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber