The Turock at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber

Vie­hofer Platz

Genu­ine Ruhr­pott bliss.

Play­ing bil­liards and nosh­ing up on food from ? 1,90 (Spa­ghetti Po­modoro) to an Ar­gen­tini­an Steak in the Nord filled with the sound of Rock, re­fuel­ing on a bit of Rocka­billy- flair in the ?Don?t pan­ic? and fi­nally mov­ing on to the le­gendary met­al disco: Tur­ock. They can be com­bined but are just as great to be en­joyed sep­ar­ately. The Vie­hofer Platz of­fers space for a dif­fer­ent scene. Es­pe­cially in sum­mer dur­ing the Tur­ock-Open.Air week­end, which Peter Siev­ert suc­cess­fully de­coupled from the Es­sen-Ori­gin­al-Fest­iv­al, when the city cen­ter?s peri­phery is drowned in high voltage gui­tar sounds.

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The sign of Café Nord, © Jule Körber
The Café Nord at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber
The sign of Don't Panic at Viehofer Platz, © Ole Löding
The Turock at Viehofer Platz, © Jule Körber

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domicil Dortmund, © Joehawkins


The logo of the Rotunde, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Riff & Ro­tunde

Arena Konzert, © Raimond Spekking

Velt­ins Arena

Djäzz Flyer, © Djäzz


The Die Horst-Schimanski-Gasse, © Jule Körber


Turbinenhalle, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


The Goldkante Bar, © Tourismus NRW e.V.