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Vin­tage Flea Mar­kets in Co­logne

What makes North-Rhine West­phalia so spe­cial?

The abund­ance of vin­tage flea mar­kets in the cen­ter of urb­an cit­ies!

There’s no doubt about it, North Rhine-Westphalia is certainly home to urban industry culture, filled with awesome street food festivals, record shops, and underground graffiti. However, there’s a little something else that makes NRW so special.

Vintage Flea Markets.

While many international cities host urban vintage flea markets, many of them upsell their products so that purchasing an item brand new is actually cheaper. However, there are many amazing and affordable vintage flea markets around NRW, and many of them happen to be on the city streets of Cologne.

Here are 12 of Cologne’s coolest vintage flea markets:


Flohmarkt am Autokino

Literally, a flea market at the Drive-In movie theater, how cool is that? There’s always something happening, on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with the exception of holidays) the Drive-In is turned into a massive flea market filled with second-hand items. There is a good mix of vintage and new articles.

Where? Drive-In Autokino Köln-Porz, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 38, 51149, Cologne

When? Most Wednesday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s, check the website for exact dates


Südstadion Flea Market

The Südstadion Flea Market tends to have a good reputation for carrying plenty of vintage items at reasonable prices. The market dates vary month-by-month, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the website to check out what’s coming up next.

Where? Kölner Südstadt, Vorgebirgsstr., 50969, Cologne

When? Specific Sunday’s throughout the year, stay updated on their website


Floh- und Antikmarkt am Stadion

If there’s one place you won’t find a single new item in sight, it is the Flea Market and Antique Market at the Rheinenergie Stadium, it’s actually forbidden. The market is located at the front of the stadium with a perfect picture view and enough space to walk around and enjoy your time looking for antiques.

Where? Rheinenergie Stadion, Junkersdorferstr., 50933, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website


Kölner Veedelsmärkte

The Kölner Veedelsmärkte is a local second-hand market taking place once a month on a Sunday where local residents can clear out their basements, sign-up and sell their second-hand stuff. The pick of the crop all depends on what the locals decide to bring, so get there early to find the best vintage items.

Where? Klettenberggürtel in 50939 Klettenberg, Cologne-Klettenberg

When? Once a month on Sunday’s, stay updated on their website


Trödel an der Galopprennbahn

The flea market at the Drive-in is pretty cool, but a flea market at the race tracks is also pretty neat! This market has been around for more than 20 years and has been a huge success due to the perfect scenic location and the fun little finds you’ll discover. The market sells a mix of old and new.

Where? Köln Pferderennbahn, Parkplatz Scheibenstraße 40, 50737, Cologne

When? Typically on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s, but you can keep updated on their website


Antikmarkt Kölner Altstadt

If you’ve ever heard about a flea market in Cologne, this is likely going to be the one. The Antikmarkt Kölner Altstadt is one of the oldest flea markets in the entire state. In the last 40 years, over 150 stands pop-up around the old town’s Rhein Promenade and sell the best of their antiques.

Where? The Kölner Altstadt along the Rhine Promenade (Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer), 50668, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website


Antikmarkt auf dem Rudolfplatz

For the vintage collectors and passionate shoppers looking for 50s - 70s design furniture and household accessories, the Antikmarkt on the Rudolfplatz will be your place to go. You can’t fit much more vintage into one weekend, even if you’re not planning on buying anything, it’s an amazing place to be.

Where? Antikmarkt Rudolfplatz, Rudolfplatz, 50674, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website



The Rhein-Antik market only takes place a few times a year, but it’s definitely one for the books. You’ll find remarkable antiques, historical art pieces and a ton of vintage design furniture. Like the Antikmarkt on Rudolfplatz, the Rhein-Antik market is also a fascinating place to become inspired, take some awesome photos and spend a little time outdoors.

Where? Köln - Schokoladenmuseum, Am Schokoladenmuseum 1a, 50678, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website


Antikmarkt im Gürzenich

The Antikmarkt im Gürzenich is located in the cities historical Cologne Gürzenich building, where people won’t only be shopping for antique pieces dating back to the 1920’s, but they’ll also be able to enjoy the sights and architecture of the historical building itself.

Where? Martinstraße 29-37, 50667, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website


Antikmarkt in der Kölner Flora

While the Antikmarkt in der Kölner Flora only happens a couple times a year, it’s location and variety of rare antiques and designer pieces make it the hot spot to be. This year the Antikmarkt in der Kölner Flora will be hosted on September 17th, in the beautiful botanical gardens of Cologne.

Where? Am Botanischen Garten 1a, 50735, Cologne

When? Stay updated on their website


Stadtflohmarkt at Unicenter

The Stadtflohmarkt might be a mix of old and new, but it’s usually taking place every Saturday which means you’ll have a lot more opportunity. Many of the stalls are independently run, which means you’ll find many hidden treasures among the rubble. It might take a bit of searching, but it’s definitely worth it.

Where? Unicenter parking lot, Luxemburger Strasse 124, 50939 Cologne

When? Every Saturday (except for holidays), but you can also stay updated on their website


Wilhelmplatz in Nippes

While many antique markets open at the break of dawn, the Wilhelmplatz flea market doesn’t open until 11:00 in the morning. Most of what you’ll find here is similar to the Stadtflohmarkt, household items, and buried treasures. While there aren’t many antique sellers, you might be surprised at what you’ll find if you just take a few seconds to look around at each stall.

Where? Köln-Nippes, Wilhelmplatz, 50733, Cologne

When? Monthly, but you’ll be able to find the exact dates on their website


This list should keep you busy for the rest of the year, so get out there and have some fun at the vintage flea markets in Cologne!

Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf

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