Aachen Cathedral ceiling of the Octagon, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Vir­tu­al Ex­per­i­ence

World Her­it­age Sites, Mu­seums and Con­certs for your Liv­ing Room

Strolling through five of the six Unesco world heritage sites from the comfort of your couch or getting to enjoy art through virtual tours – even at home you can experience NRW. Get comfortable on your sofa and embark on the virtual expedition!

Augustusburg Palace in Brühl, © Johannes Höhn

World Her­it­age Sites

Small de­tails to zoom in

There are six special treasures in NRW: the Unesco world heritage sites Aachen cathedral, Cologne cathedral, castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust, Zollverein colliery, Corvey castle and The Lower Germanic Limes. The best thing about it, you can experience five of the six heritage sites all from the comfort of your home: no queues. No hustle through crowded rooms. With the help of 360° shots it only takes a mouse click to get a close up of the buildings and to go inside – there are fascinating details to discover.

Diersfordter Waldsee, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Nature to dream of

Pic­tures say more than words

We’ve collected our most beautiful pictures and invite you to join us on this journey of the mind to the unique nature of our state. 
Coming along for the ride: flamingos, wild horses and stunning views.

Live Music Hall Köln , © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Time off with mu­sic

Con­certs for your liv­ing room

The best way to escape a daily routine involves your ears: music creates distraction and takes your mind somewhere else! Different musical forays through NRW inspire a journey of pop history: the digital guide “Sound of #urbanana”  offers interviews, direct quotes and concert recordings – with the possibility of repeatedly re-experiencing these special music moments. These include performances of The Beatles in the Grugahalle Essen, that made history in the Ruhr area, BAP, who is fixed upon memory in Cologne with his song “Verdamp lang her” and as part of Düsseldorf’s musical history, Kraftwerk.

Staircase Ruhr Museum, © Frank Vinken/ Stiftung Zollverein

Daily routine in min­ing

See, listen and feel for your­self – just like a miner

Past times of coal production have left behind an impressive legacy, which, even after the closure of the last mining site, is ever-present:  no other federal state has as many and diverse collieries, gasometers, cokeries, furnaces or draw works, which you can even visit virtually.

In its vivid virtual reality project “Glückauf” the WDR shows what everyday-life in a coal mine looked like, allowing Prosper Haniel colliery in Bottrop to live on. Here, users can travel 1200 metres underground in a shaft elevator, go on a round trip with deputy Andy or jump into century old rags of an old miner and experience first-hand what exertions miners had to face in those days.

Tour of a former coal preparation plant

Even more background information concerning the “era of coal” can be found when taking a virtual detour to the Ruhr museum. The tour through the former coal preparation plant of Zollverein colliery, where the museum is based, addresses historical, technological and cultural dimensions.

Even today the A-Frame and many more buildings around shaft IV of the Rheinpreußen colliery can still be found in Moers, just like at the beginning of the 20th-century. Visitors are provided an insight into the pithead engine house with its machinery and technology through a virtual tour. 

Ruhr Museum
Fördermaschinenhaus Moers

Schloss Drachenburg inside, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Schloss Drachen­burg, do come in!

Pom­pous and mys­ti­fy­ing

Schloss Drachenburg is full of enigmas! Why, for example, its owner erected the stately building of the period of promoterism in 1882, ending up never living in its magnificent rooms and halls, nobody knows. Nevertheless: the fairytale castle, that towers high above the river Rhine close to Bonn, is a definite sight worth seeing, even through a virtual visit.

With the digital tour of the castle you can enter different rooms, from music hall to bed-chambers, on four floors. At the same time, just like with a tour on-site, listen to spoken background information and references to special details. Even the castle grounds can be explored by virtual tour.


The Ruhr near Mühlheim in the Ruhr area with fog clouds, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Acous­tic walks through NRW

Listen and ex­plore

Twittering of birds, burbling of water and every now and then strained breathing: the Podcast “Spaziergang” published by WDR4 takes its audience on different tours through villages and landscapes of the different regions – and there are so many suggestions for later trips, e.g. the historical towpath along the river Ruhr. But first: lean back, listen and enjoy!


Elefant Tuffi im Wuppertaler Zoo, © Der Grüne Zoo Wuppertal

Hov­er­ing flight over the zoo

Ti­ger, ele­phants and cat­shark

Zoogoers can now pay a digital visit to their favourite animals. Drone recordings of the Wuppertal zoo show animals close-ups – Tigers interestedly following the flying object and the elephant family with its little tusker Tsavo curiously ogling what is flying above their compound. It will enhance the anticipation of a reunion with the zoo inhabitants.

Water is the defining element of Düsseldorf’s Aquazoo. The virtual tour through different themed rooms will give visitor interesting insights into the genesis of life in the sea, the conquest of fresh waters and the settlement of the land. Those who wish, can approach some of the aquariums to see catsharks or cichlids from a close range.

www.wuppertal.de/zoo | www.aquazoo.duesseldorf.de

Today a theater hall for concerts in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, © Johannes Höhn

From the stage to your lounge

Read­ings, lunch con­certs and di­git­al fest­ivals

Whether Kabale und Liebe (literally "Cabals and Love") or the Wonderful Wizard of Oz – for all those wanting to experience theatres, ballets and concerts from home numerous stage ensembles offer online programmes and recordings of earlier performances.

Domestic music from the Philharmonic orchestra, dancers giving ballet-training between chairback and kitchen table and streaming recordings of plays via the online repertoire – likewise the theatre Hagen offers numerous virtual experiences for those culturally interested.

The digital Piano-Festival Ruhr brings selected piano music to the lounges. Videos and recordings from the previous years will be provided in the archive.

Obviously recordings cannot replace live experiences of opera performances, but they provide an opportunity to bridge the time with a little opera enjoyment.
The Deutsche Oper am Rhein (German Opera on the Rhine) provides "Der Kaiser von Atlantis" and "Der Ring am Rhein" as a stream.

Already binge-watched Amazon Prime? Carry on with Dramazon Prime. The theatre Cologne offers productions according to that motto as online-stream, backstage-videos, audio plays and a podcast called “Lockdown”. We guarantee there's no time for boredom now.

Listening to someone read is a classical pastime: The cultural property Haus Nottbeck, in which the Museum for westphalian literature is placed, makes literary house visits possible. On its continually growing video portal “Stop’n’Read” regional authors read extracts from their works, including Jörg Albrecht and Hans-Ulrich Treichel.

Theater Hagen (Germany only)
Klavier-Festival Ruhr (Digital Edition)
Deutsche Oper am Rhein 
Schauspielhaus Köln (German only)
Stop'n'read (German only)

Oberkasseler Brücke, Tonhalle und Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, © Joachim Fromm

City tours by foot or in a con­vert­ible bus

Ex­plore Düs­sel­dorf, Es­sen and Sie­gen vir­tu­ally

Whether with a guide, in a convertible bus or on your own: Virtual city tours invite visitors from their sofas to experience different discoveries. That way the loneliest city guide of the world, night watchman Michael, takes his guests on a digital tour through Düsseldorf’s nocturnal old town.

A drive in the convertible bus, that can open its panorama deck for a virtual tour, offers the best views of Essen. You can choose between a streaming-offer of two different films for three respectively five euros.

With a virtual stroll through winterly Siegen, visitors can get an overview of the city and its sights. The starting point of the tour is the lookout point at the “Upper Castle” (Oberes Schloss) that offers the best panoramic view.


Unique & Spe­cial Stor­ies

Ex­cep­tion­al People from NRW

Marcel Schmitz at his ice cream parlor, the Oecher Eis-Treff in Aachener, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Mar­cel Schmitz - an ori­gin­al "Oech­er"

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Side profile of the Türmerin with a view of St Paul's Cathedral Münste, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

300 steps to hap­pi­ness: Ger­manys only tower­keep­er

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Dr. Jörg Albrecht - Founding Director and Artistic Director of the Center for Literature, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Jörg Al­brecht - City, Land, Castle

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Nina Braun - the only woman working as a ranger in NRW., © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Nina Braun - in an­oth­er World

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Olivier Kruschinski at Ernst Kuzorra's regular place in the clubhouse, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Olivi­er Krusch­in­ski - in Schalke, for Schalke

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Timo - a real Köbes from Cologne, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Timo - a real Köbes in a cult pub

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Marion Strehlow works at her sewing table, © Ralph Sondermann, Tourismus NRW e.V.

Mari­on Strehlow - at home at the atelier

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