Urftseepanorama von oben, © Nationalpark Eifel Fotograf K. Pauly

A Wa­ter Ad­ven­ture in North Rhine-West­phalia

Unique bi­otopes & ex­hil­ar­at­ing per­spect­ives

Wa­ter and North Rhine-West­phalia are simply a per­fect match and the loc­al res­id­ents love to sing about the ro­mantic river Rhine or stroll along the banks of the "West­phali­an sea". The wa­ter land­scapes of North Rhine-West­phalia con­stantly of­fer vis­it­ors the chance to view them from new ex­cit­ing or ex­hil­ar­at­ing per­spect­ives, be it from high up on the Sky­walk or at first hand when diving in­to the lake. Dis­cov­er unique bi­otopes that provide a home for king­fish­ers and grey her­ons or ex­plore wa­ter as a liv­ing en­vir­on­ment in the "Er­leb­nis-Zen­trum" dis­cov­ery centre. A won­der­ful wa­ter ad­ven­ture is await­ing your vis­it!

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