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the most prom­ising dis­trict in Ha­gen

"Come, come, come, come, come to Ha­gen, be­come a pop star, make your for­tune." These lines of the Ha­gen band Ex­trab­reit are the very es­sence of the fas­cin­at­ing time between the end of the 1970s and the middle of the 1980s, when Ha­gen be­came one of the hot­spots of the Ger­man-speak­ing New Wave. But what was meant above all was: Come to Wehring­hausen. Be­cause this part of town only a few steps south­east of the main sta­tion was the cen­ter of the mu­sic and cul­ture scene in those years. This is where the Eng­lish punk move­ment of the late 70s found its echo and in­spired the form­a­tion of their own bands. Here, Nena is dis­covered, here Ex­trab­reit be­come stars and here the sis­ters An­ette and Inga Humpe dis­cov­er their love for mu­sic (be­fore they mix up the Ber­lin mu­sic scene with the Neonba­bies and Ideal). Com­ing from the main sta­tion you can quickly feel how close the in­ter­est­ing places are to each oth­er. One walks along the little river Volme (and can listen to the solo num­ber of Ex­trab­reit gui­tar­ist Stefan Kleinkrieg): "Volmestrand"), passes the theat­er, the op­press­ive civil de­fense bunker from the Second World War (where you can ab­surdly en­joy a splen­did 4-course bunker din­ner) and after a few minutes comes to the Kulto­pia.

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Ber­liner Platz, 58089 Ha­gen

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