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the most prom­ising dis­trict in Ha­gen

"Come, come, come, come, come to Hagen, become a pop star, make your fortune." These lines of the Hagen band Extrabreit are the very essence of the fascinating time between the end of the 1970s and the middle of the 1980s, when Hagen became one of the hotspots of the German-speaking New Wave. But what was meant above all was: Come to Wehringhausen. Because this part of town only a few steps southeast of the main station was the center of the music and culture scene in those years. This is where the English punk movement of the late 70s found its echo and inspired the formation of their own bands. Here, Nena is discovered, here Extrabreit become stars and here the sisters Anette and Inga Humpe discover their love for music (before they mix up the Berlin music scene with the Neonbabies and Ideal). Coming from the main station you can quickly feel how close the interesting places are to each other. One walks along the little river Volme (and can listen to the solo number of Extrabreit guitarist Stefan Kleinkrieg): "Volmestrand"), passes the theater, the oppressive civil defense bunker from the Second World War (where you can absurdly enjoy a splendid 4-course bunker dinner) and after a few minutes comes to the Kultopia.

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Berliner Platz, 58089 Hagen