Welcome to Wuppertal's Utopiastadt, © Utopiastadt

Wel­come to Uto­piastadt

Wup­per­tal’s Cre­at­ive Cluster: Cowork­ing spaces, bike rent­als, urb­an gar­dens and more!

A 500 square metered space for the cre­at­ive and cul­tured. Would you be­come a Uto­pi­an?

Utopiastadt (or Utopia City as we would say in English) is an open and creative space in Wuppertal built in the old railway Mirke station. It is a central point in the city where they can promote creative and urban development throughout all industries. The 500 square meter building aims to bring together new programs, wild ideas and insane creativity for our future.


Coworking Spaces and Meeting Rooms

Utopiastadt’s coworking space is a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the self-employed people come together with open minds and new ideas. It is a space where you can keep busy on work projects in a room fully equipped with business necessities and inspiration.  


Event Spaces

Concerts, plays, readings, exhibitions, you name it, Utopiastadt is a unique place to host your next event. The venue works hard to provide sustainable, transparent and regional experiences. From their regional coffee to the recycled wall art, Utopiastadt is proud to be working with many local businesses and recycling savvy people to make this space as sustainable as possible.


Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is a new trend not just in Germany but across the world. Utopiastadt has become a part of this movement and were inspired by their prime location along the Nordbahnstrasse leading to various hiking trails and cycling paths. These urban gardens are open gardens for anyone willing to help lend a hand (or a green thumb).


Workshops and Courses

There are various workshops taking place in Utopiastadt including their know-how classes for “engineers without borders” and their OpenKnowledge Lab for hackers and developers. You can offer your own courses or choose from one of the offered courses, Utopiastadt is always open for new ideas and opportunities.


Craftsmanship Workshops

There workshops for courses and development, and then there are workshops to get your hands dirty in a craftsmanship. Their Utopiawerkstadt is a place for hobby crafters and professionals alike. You can come in and offer your training and knowledge on a particular project, or ask the same from others. The main focus in the Utopiawerkstadt at the moment is on metals, woods, and plastics in relation to recycling and upcycling. You can laser engrave, cut or print 3D prototypes in this workplace.


Bike Rentals

Utopiastadt is currently in the process of renting out free bicycles to use along the Nordbahnstrasse which is located directly behind the campus. Volunteers of Utopiastadt work generously to repair and maintain the bicycles that are rented out from the campus. They have already received more than 200 donated bikes and created 35 fully functioning bikes ready for the road.


So, what do you think? Would you become an Utopian?


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf


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