The evening unfolds at the NRW Forum, © Nacht der Museen 2017

What to Ex­pect at Nacht der Museen

Are you ready to stay up all night?

The time has al­most come for Düs­sel­dorf to open up the doors to 40 mu­seums and gal­ler­ies across the city for an even­ing of ex­plor­a­tion and in­spir­a­tion.

The Nacht der Museen (Night of the Museums) is an annual event that has been running for the last seventeen years. But why is this event such a success?

Whether you are an art/museum fanatic or not, Nacht der Museen is the perfect excuse to get out of the house, explore more of the city and gain entrance into tons of spaces and galleries that you would have never had the chance to before. There are classical art exhibitions, pop-up exhibitions, urban exhibitions and some awesome places to celebrate with a beer in hand and some live DJ’s.

The price of your Nacht der Museen ticket (14 Euro) includes free entrance to all participating museums and galleries and use of the 3 connecting shuttle routes for the evening. Grab a booklet or print off the PDF guide for the evening so you can plan in advance!


Want to know about my experience?

I’m not one to sit in an art exhibition and stare at a blank canvas wondering what it means and what emotions it brings forth. I love adventure, I love the outdoors and I love exploring new places. So, instead of heading to classical art museums, I headed to some of the urban spaces I’ve never been to and some places that we’re actually not able to visit on any given day.

I started my evening at the old train station (am Steinberg) in Bilk where we had the chance to check out some of Düsseldorf’s oldest trams (some still running as Party Trams). We grabbed a few beers and headed next-door to get a close-up view of the Karneval floats and listen to Jacques Tilly himself as he spoke about the inspiration and experience he had from building the 2016 floats. I also managed to snap a selfie of myself and Trump!

The evening unfolded as we took one of the old trams into the Altstadt visiting museums and galleries like NRW Forum, Kunst im Tunnel and the Schifffahrt-Museum along the Rhine.

We ended our night back in our own stomping grounds at Boui Boui Bilk to celebrate the evening. I might not have lasted until sunrise, but 3:00 am isn’t too bad either!


What’s happening this year?

From 7:00 pm until 2:00 am, you’ll have the opportunity to explore more than 40 museums and galleries.   

Unlike previous years, this year will boast something very special. With just over 100 days left before the Tour de France, many exhibitions throughout the night will have a huge focus on cycling and the big event coming up. PostPOST will be transformed into a massive cycling flea market and the NRW Forum will be offering free bike sharing. Want some more reasons to be excited?

  • The Marionette Theatre will put on a show for the evening where you can check out more than 500 figurines (the stars of the show)
  • The Mannesmann building will feature an art exhibition on the 21st floor (better know as their panoramic view point)
  • K21 invites you to hang above the museum in their newly build “in orbit” exhibition (we recently wrote a post about the structure here)
  • You can join a costume walk at the Schloss Benrath
  • The “Haus der Architekten” in the Hafen (Harbour) will be hosting a disco and poetry slam
  • UCI Kinowelt is showcasing some of the best short films ever made by PIXAR
  • KIT (Kunst im Tunnel) opens up their underground art space to explore their newest exhibit titled “Tremors”
  • The Rathaus (town hall) will be open for visitors to explore (something you can’t do on a normal day)

There will also be a few galleries open for viewing at the Galerie Cebra, Hotel Friends, Künstlerhaus Brunnestrasse 10 and WP8 Künstlerverein.

The way you end your night will be up to you, but two of the hottest parties in town will be hosted at Boui Boui Bilk and the Quartier Bohème until the morning sun.


Looking for more information?

You can head to the Nacht der Museen website for more information (they have a short English section there as well). You can also call the information hotline number for more information: 0211 8999555.

Tickets cost 14 Euro and can be picked up at various locations around the city.


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf 

Images and videos

Ex­plor­ing Nacht der Museen

Hanging out with Trump's bum at Nacht der Museen last year!, © Jenna Davis
Exploring one of the old train stations during Nacht der Museen last year., © Jenna Davis

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