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Who's Up­cyc­ling in NRW?

Build a mean­ing to old and worn-out products

Sim­il­ar to re­cyc­ling, only re­using garbage and ex­tra ma­ter­i­als, up­cyc­ling takes old products and cre­ates a high­er value item for re­sale.

The great thing about urban trends is that many of them are good for the environment too. Take upcycling for example, similar to recycling, only reusing garbage and extra materials, upcycling takes old products and creates a higher value item for resale.

Upcycling is different than any old second-hand market, it is taking second-hand items, making them new again and adding to the value of the original design.

While it’s not quite yet as easy as typing in Google “Upcycling Shops in NRW” yet (well… it might be one this post is live), there are a number of shops you might not even realize focus on upcycling their products for re-sale.

However, you might be surprised at just how cool some upcycling shops are. Why not check out a few stores in your area?


Möbelladen Dahms 

Inspired by the new upcycling trend, owners Tanja and Johannes Dahms started testing out small projects of their own only to find out that their high quality upcycled products were the perfect median between cheap IKEA furniture and high-priced Schaffrath furniture. They offer workshops too!

Address: Philadelphiastraße 171, Krefeld


Galerie Pearls  

Former fashion designer, Karin van Noort, built up a little shop based around upcycling products using only pearls, real fur, and pure gold leaves.

Address: Flinger Str. 9, Düsseldorf


Planet Upcycling

Focusing on modern concepts, Planet Upcycling builds, sells and designs unique upcycled products. They also offer advice about creating your own upcycling products. The team makes use of production sites with socially disadvantaged workers and supports the use of fair trade, locally produced and sustainable materials.

Address: Ackerstraße 168b, Düsseldorf



Martin Blöcher, owner of Baustoffrecycling, not only upcycles but takes old destroyed houses and using the old lumber, Blöcher builds them into new historical homes, stylish vintage furniture and petite garden houses.

Address: Alte Ziegelei, Entruper Weg 273, Lemgo / Entrup



Capbaumarkt is the mother of all upcycling and second-hand shops selling everything from furniture and appliances to tools and paint. They focus their upcycling production on Shabby Chic, retro and vintage designs.

Address: Annenstr. 118-122, Witten



Freelance artist and carpenter, Kai van Nuffel, focuses on the reconstruction, extension, and restoration of old furniture. He doesn’t stop there though, he also works on smaller projects like decoration and signposts.

Address: Rottstr.19, Bochum


EVD Recycling

You might recognize EVD as the place where you donate all your household junk, but they’re more than just that. EVD also allows you to browse their recycling yard to find old materials such as pallets, boards or furniture for your own projects.

Address: Karl-Hohmann Straße 4-6, Düsseldorf & Posener Straße 191, Düsseldorf



Many people don’t know that Caritas not only picks up your old furniture but sells a number of unique pieces in their store front on Völklinger Straße in Düsseldorf. They sell second-hand items, but they also build a few upcycled pieces of their own.

Address: Völklinger Str. 24-36, 40221 Düsseldorf


Tanz auf Ruinen

“Making old and worthless, new and better” is the motto at Tanz auf Ruinen. They take just about anything from old bikes to bottle caps and create a new life for old and wasted items.

Address: Rheinische Str. 137, Dortmund


Frachtraum 1 

Walking into Frachtraum 1 is like walking into a stylish design shop, only the shabby chic and vintage look isn’t just a “look”, it’s real. They make their furniture from demolition wood of old boats, huts and industrial plants, so that every piece in their shop is special and unique in their own way.

Address: Hohe Str. 69, Dortmund


Schubs - Upcycling & Liebe  

Forget about furniture, there’s more to upcycling than just wood and nails. At Schubs, they take old fabrics and leathers and create stylish and modern bags, purses and wallets for every occasion.

Address: Pfälzer Str. 73, Oberhausen


UP CYCLES Wunschrad  

Extra points for the awesome store name, UP CYCLES is an upcycle store just for bicycles. They create high-quality bicycles that are tailormade to each and every cyclist.

Address: LuisenViertel (Ehrenfeld), Widdersdorfer Straße 246, Köln



Kleidsam is a shop for upcycled fashion and clothing, but also offers incredible workshops which teach the class how to upcycle and sew. So, instead of buying upcycled products, why not learn how to make your own?

Address: Stammstr. 43, Köln-Ehrenfeld



Reditum is where sustainability meets design and function. The furniture is made by hand in social workshops around the city and is always one-of-a-kind. It might look like brand new furniture, but Reditum sells 100% upcycled products.

Address: Auerstraße 19, Köln


This short list of upcyclers around NRW might inspire you to find your own favorite upcycle shops or show you that the shops you’ve been visiting all along actually add a twist of upcycle to their shop as well. Either way, let us know what shops you’d add to your list!


Written by Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf

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Möbelladen Dahms, © Möbelladen Dahms
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