The facade of the Zakk, © C. Wolff

za­kk - Zen­trum für Ak­tion, Kul­tur und Kom­munika­tion

Cen­ter of the so­cial cul­ture

NRW is the “motherland” of social culture and the importance of socio-cultural centres for the musical development of the region cannot be overestimated Travelogue Ruhrarea. In Düsseldorf, the zakk (or “Zentrum für Aktion, Kultur und Kommunikation”) has been the focal point of social culture since 1977. As a self-administered cultural site, the zakk offers space for everything that is off-centre, ambitious and different, and combines culture and politics in a wide range of different event formats. Overall, the entire district of Flingern-Süd stands for the idealism of an alternative way of living together. As well as the zakk, the Kieferstrasse is also of particular interest. During the 1980s, it was the hotspot for the fight by squatters to preserve affordable homes. Today, the building façades show an impressive variety of street art.

Further Information:
Fichtenstraße 40, 40233 Düsseldorf


The streetview of Zakk, © C. Wolff
An event at Zakk, ©
Zakk beer garden, © Zakk