Zeche Bochum, © Jule Körber

Zeche Bo­chum/ Prin­zre­genttheat­er/ Folk­wang In­sti­tut für Pop­uläre Mu­sik

Hid­den cul­tur­al para­dise

Areal on the Prinz-Regent-Strasse is a hidden cultural paradise that is difficult to reach with a bus that only goes there rarely. Here, you can visit the exciting “Prinzregenttheater” fringe theatre. Here, the electronics specialist Hans Nieswandt runs the “Folkwang Institut für Populäre Musik” as a state-funded institution, which enables students to find their way into the music industry. And finally, this is where you’ll find the Zeche Bochum colliery. Opened in 1981 in the former metalworking shop of the Zeche Prinz Regent colliery, it became an event centre for concerts and parties, and a prototype for the transformation of former industrial buildings into cultural centres. Initially, subculture underground bands performed here. Since the location needs to support itself financially, however, it has opened up to the mainstream. From the mid-1980s, the small hall, with space for just 1,000 guests, became an exciting live club. With the WDR radio station recording concerts here for its Rockpalast programme, unique bands and artists appeared, including Echo & The Bunnymen, R.E.M., Tina Turner, Chris Rea and Simply Red, to name just a few, as well as almost all the German-language greats. Today, the programme is still as broad as it can possibly be. Cannibal Corpse appear here, as do Kim Wilde and tribute bands that are often well known beyond the region.

Further Information
Prinz-Regent-Straße 50-60, 44795 Bochum
Zeche Bochum: www.zeche.net