Zeche sign

Zeche Carl

80s hub for punk and rock

Es­sen is re­garded as a ma­jor centre of hard rock. This repu­ta­tion has its ori­gins in the north of the city, around the former coal mine, the Zeche Carl. This was the home of the thrash met­al band Kreat­or. From 1982, they emerged from the Zeche Carl to join the league of the in­ter­na­tion­ally best-known bands from Ger­many. They still play in front of tens of thou­sands of fans today, and spawned sub-genres such as death met­al or the Scand­inavi­an black met­al. Their début al­bum, ?Pleas­ure to Kill?, is re­garded by many fans and crit­ics as be­ing one of the most im­port­ant met­al al­bums of all time. The scene sur­round­ing Kreat­or at the Zeche Carl was also where the thrash met­al band So­d­om, ori­gin­ally from Gelsen­kirchen, de­veloped, who are en­joy­ing huge suc­cess with their pro­voc­at­ive texts and ex­tremely hard gui­tar riffs. They have sold over 8 mil­lion re­cord­ings world­wide so far. However, the Zeche Carl is not just a fa­vour­ite haunt for met­al fans. Dur­ing the 1980s, the area here was also a key loc­a­tion for the punk scene in the Ruhr re­gion. This was home to one of the largest punk ven­ues, where people net­worked and shared ideas. Not every­one paid to get in, and many punks simply hung about on the large open areas with huge quant­it­ies of beer. Today, the Zeche Carl is some­what more civ­il­ised. However, it is still worth vis­it­ing for the sake of its fas­cin­at­ing ar­chi­tec­ture alone.

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Wil­helm-Nieswandt-Al­lee 100, 45326 Es­sen

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