Konzert Duisburg Landschaftspark, © © RTG Hoffmann

Zum Anker

Since it was first broadcast in November 1970, millions of Germans have sat down every Sunday evening at 8.15 to watch the “Tatort” TV crime series. In 1981, the series took a decisive new turn when the roughneck commissioner Horst Schimanski began to investigate the cases. During the course of his 46 cases, he became one of the most impressive TV commissars in the history of West German television. He also became a symbol of the Ruhr region mentality . The series also featured in pop culture. German rock stars such as Klaus Lage (“Faust auf Faust”) and international greats such as Chris Rea and Joe Cocker wrote title songs for different programmes. Their songs inevitably stormed the charts during the 1980s. Schimanski’s first ever case, which was broadcast in 1981, began in Ruhrort in Duisburg, and quickly led the investigator to the “Zum Anker” pub. Since then, the pub is known as Schimanski’s favourite haunt. Here, after the pub closed and re-opened, guests are offered hearty home-made meals and cold beer in burly Ruhrpott slang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VsAUFf5Yn4

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