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Zum Anker

Since it was first broad­cast in Novem­ber 1970, mil­lions of Ger­mans have sat down every Sunday even­ing at 8.15 to watch the ?Tatort? TV crime series. In 1981, the series took a de­cis­ive new turn when the rough­neck com­mis­sion­er Horst Schi­manski began to in­vest­ig­ate the cases. Dur­ing the course of his 46 cases, he be­came one of the most im­press­ive TV com­mis­sars in the his­tory of West Ger­man tele­vi­sion. He also be­came a sym­bol of the Ruhr re­gion men­tal­ity . The series also fea­tured in pop cul­ture. Ger­man rock stars such as Klaus Lage (?Faust auf Faust?) and in­ter­na­tion­al greats such as Chris Rea and Joe Cock­er wrote title songs for dif­fer­ent pro­grammes. Their songs in­ev­it­ably stormed the charts dur­ing the 1980s. Schi­manski?s first ever case, which was broad­cast in 1981, began in Ruhrort in Duis­burg, and quickly led the in­vest­ig­at­or to the ?Zum Anker? pub. Since then, the pub is known as Schi­manski?s fa­vour­ite haunt. Here, after the pub closed and re-opened, guests are offered hearty home-made meals and cold beer in burly Ruhr­pott slang. ht­tps://www.you­tube.com/watch?v=8VsAUFf5Yn4

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