Frankenberg Castle , © Johannes Höhn

Franken­ber­ger Park with Franken­berg Castle

A quarter with a sur­prise ef­fect

Generali verzekeringsgebouw, © Johannes Höhn
Look around the next corner

Not sick of me yet?

Way of Ink Coffee Bar , © Johannes Höhn
Elisenbrunnen , © Johannes Höhn
Ponttor, © Johannes Höhn

How nice that you're here! Where are you right now? My guess would be on a pretty chic patch of green. In the middle of my popular and beautiful (Or, perhaps I should say “hip”?) Frankenberg district, no wonder that it feels like the whole city meets here. And now you're here too, yay! Especially when the weather is nice, groups of friends, families and even introverts convene here. They play, picnic, sunbathe and often have an ice cream from Oecher Eistreff in their hands. My green meeting place is fenced in by the most chic Art Nouveau villas - it looks really nice. I therefore recommend that you get to know me a little better and wander through my lively streets, away from my tourist paths. Here, you will find numerous photogenic corners, cafés and pubs. And as always, the best comes last: Frankenberg Castle sits enthroned in the heart of my park. My former moated castle, which is dry today, still makes a great impression. I would go so far as to say that it definitely crowns this district, exuding its charm in daylight, in darkness and also serves as a summer theater and all year-round venue. Well, is that it? When do you ever have fun in an old castle?


Bismarckstraße, 52066 Aachen

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