Find the city that says YOU.

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Western wing of Neuhaus Castle, © Johannes Höhn
Question 3 of 8 In the mood for romance or would you rather escape?
Waldhausener Street, © Johannes Höhn
Question 4 of 8 Are you in need of colour around every corner or do you prefer things simple?
Generali insurance building, © Johannes Höhn

like Aachen

Last Exit Café , © Johannes Höhn
Young & wild

It's a city match!

It is quite impressive which (century-old) stars and starlets Aachen has housed and produced. What magnificent and historic buildings are bustling here. However, sometimes you have to slow down a bit in this city when it invites you to a history lesson because she has so much to tell. It will still be exciting - no doubt! But it is also important to her that you get to know her as she is today. Young, lively, colourful, turbulent. A place for strolling and night owls.
Mural, Home Street Home by Hoker, Oldhaus & Tubuku , © Johannes Höhn

like Mönchenglad­bach

Yellow house at Waldhausener Straße , © Johannes Höhn

It's a city match!

The largest city on the Lower Rhine absolutely hates being reduced to just its football club. You really can't accuse her of being monotonous. She loves to surprise; showing them in her alleys. She’s also crazy about art in public spaces. If this city had a friendship book, it would definitely say “colorful” as its favorite color. Mönchengladbach has all the lights on at night!
Slate house with garden , © Johannes Höhn

like Solin­gen

Crowned crane in the Fauna zoo, © Johannes Höhn

It's a city match!

Busy shopping streets? Being in a constant rush? Solingen is not a fan of that at all. Things are rather idyllic here and the city in the Bergisches Land has adapted perfectly to its surroundings. Hilly landscapes, rivers, lakes - a dream! You will start dreaming at the latest when you reach the historic center of Gräfrath. All these pretty slate houses - as if they were painted. Are you actually interested in cutlery? If not, the city of blades Solingen definitely manages to get you excited about it!
Bundeskunsthalle, © Johannes Höhn

like Bonn

Art Museum , © Johannes Höhn

It's a city match!

If there is one thing Bonn likes to do, it is imparting knowledge. The old federal capital throws numbers, data, facts and pictures around in just three kilometres. You can't imagine that. But this city doesn't just get your brain cells going. Get ready: She will take you to the most beautiful corners of the Rhine, full of culinary treasures and urban oases. Her favourite colour? Definitely green.
The Tuckesburg on the old zoo grounds, © Johannes Höhn

like Mün­ster

Old Münster Zoo, former owl house, © Johannes Höhn

It's a city match!

Don't worry, you can't just visit Münster by bike. The student city is happy about every audience. You can celebrate fabulously with her and throw yourself into the nightlife, but she is definitely not a city for one night. Münster is profound. And it's not just because she loves her waters. She likes art and history and is happy if you look behind her facade.
Castle and floodplain park Neuhaus, © Johannes Höhn

like Pader­born

Graffiti on a wall in Paderborn, © Johannes Höhn

It's a city match!

This town in the Teutoburg Forest has the smallest river in Germany. He is small, but also mighty. Bubbling around happily, meandering through the cityscape and ensuring that Paderborn has a number of green oases to show for itself. Feeling good is made easy for you here. And superlatives are on the agenda: Come and discover the most beautiful street, the tastiest sausage and the most beautiful cellar! There is one more thing that is great: the magnificent Neuhaus Castle.