Mural, Home Street Home by Hoker, Oldhaus & Tubuku , © Johannes Höhn

Hello, I'm Mönchenglad­bach.

Glad you are here.

You are not quite sure whether or not I can tell you something exciting about myself? Well, then listen carefully! Halligalli isn't the only thing here when my team from the Niederrhein plays, so I definitely don't just have football anecdotes in store. Rhenish hospitality is very important to me and I prefer it to be as colourful as possible. By the way, I also think a lot about outdoor art. If the weather is bad, I also offer you some delicacies. Walk with me through my alleys, which will surprise you. You will definitely find them throughout me. And I would like you to understand one thing: keep the lights on!

How would I describe myself? Colourful.

I am convinced that we can become really good friends. If you had a friend book, I would definitely enter “colourful” for my favourite colour. I like it so much how street art shapes my cityscape. I write urban art BIG, so I advise you to plan a little more time for our walk, because there is a lot to discover with me. And now it comes: my popular public park is called Bunter Garten. A bit funny, isn't it? Ah, how it blooms and smells here! If our walk alone doesn't offer you enough exercise, I'll take you to church. Yes, you heard me right. Inside, you'll find something you definitely don't expect. So, curious yet? Come over then!

REALLY KNOW ME You think you know me? Not even close. About whom or what do you already know everything? Come, let your­self be sur­prised!
Sculpture Sphere-trames by Francois Morellet, © Johannes Höhn
Water tower, © Johannes Höhn
Kletterkirche in Mönchengladbach, © Johannes Höhn
Street Art in the Waldhausener Straße, © Johannes Höhn

Ex­plor­ing the Niers by boat

Schloss Rheydt in Mönchengladbach, © Johannes Höhn
Tip from Lotta Dah­len Pu­pil from Mönchenglad­bach
Paddling on the Niers on the Lower Rhine, © Johannes Höhn

On warm spring and summer days I go to the river Niers with my friends. Often, we rent a rubber dinghy or canoe – it’s a lot of fun. There's plenty to see along the ride, castles, for example.

Mu­sic lov­ers this way!

Join us on a pop-his­tor­ic­al tour through the Ruhr Area, Düs­sel­dorf and Co­logne. Guided by your mo­bile, you'll get to know a num­ber of mu­sic(al) spots such as clubs, bars, le­gendary con­cert halls and re­cord shops.

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