Castle and floodplain park Neuhaus, © Johannes Höhn

Hello, I'm Pader­born!

Glad you are here.

When my guests find out what I have to tell, they are amazed! Westpahlians doesn’t like to talk, eh? Blah blah blah, that certainly doesn't apply to me! How else are people supposed to find out which magnificent building is waiting for them here or where my most beautiful half-timbered street is? Or, perhaps why is graffiti a big topic for me? And why am I even named Paderborn? I'm happy to tell you, because it kind of just bubbles out of me. And even if I am only the second largest city in the Teutoburg Forest, you will certainly not miss out here. I promise!

How would I describe myself? Soulful.

Four kilometres. Yes, you heard me right! My river, the Pader, is four kilometres long. “Small but mighty” is what I say. The springs are bubbling up like almost nowhere else in Germany. It literally makes me what I am. Winding its way, back and forth through my townscape, providing me and my guests with a number of cozy places. Here, you can only feel good - I'll tell you, honestly! But I would also like to introduce you to my cultural treasures, which are not only pretty to look at from the outside. And, of course, this one particularly colourful wall should not be missing. When we are done with our stroll through the city, you should pay a visit to my surroundings.

REALLY KNOW ME You think you know me? Not even close. About whom or what do you already know everything? Come, let your­self be sur­prised!
Western wing of Neuhaus Castle, © Johannes Höhn
City Library, former cathedral deanery, © Johannes Höhn
Diocesan Museum, © Johannes Höhn
Half-timbered street "Auf den Dielen", © Johannes Höhn

Head­ing to the parc with col­our­ful donuts

Beke Riegelmann, © Beke Riegelmann
Beke Riegel­mannFrom Pader­born
Donuts from Mara's Donuts & Coffee in Paderborn, © Beke Riegelmann

I love the fresh and lovely decorated donuts from Mara's Donuts & Coffee. My girls and I regularly try all the different kinds and flavours (my current favourite is "Raffaelo") and, when the weather is good, sit down in the Paderwiesen parc.

Mu­sic lov­ers this way!

Join us on a pop-his­tor­ic­al tour through the Ruhr Area, Düs­sel­dorf and Co­logne. Guided by your mo­bile, you'll get to know a num­ber of mu­sic(al) spots such as clubs, bars, le­gendary con­cert halls and re­cord shops.

Hit it!