Slate house with garden , © Johannes Höhn

Hello, I'm Solin­gen.

Glad you are here.

Let’s be clear here: I'm not just a hot potato because of my cutlery. Solingen, the blade city is my name - but don't panic, I have nothing in common with a gray industrial location. Over a quarter of my urban area is covered with forest. With me, you can definitely slow down pretty well. But of course, I would also like to tell you about my centuries-old craft while you're here.

How would I describe myself? Dreamy.

I live in the idyllic Bergisches Land and am a proud member of the Bergische Drei. My environment? Hilly landscapes, rivers, lakes etc. simply put, a paradise for outdoor fans. Maybe it's because I blend in well with my surroundings and come across as a little dreamy to some people. What can I say? I like to be a bit more on the comfortable side. Come on, let's start the day at a traditional Bergisch coffee table. Dröppelminna and I look forward to seeing you! You don't know what to expect from me? Then just stay tuned. But I can already promise you one thing: when you see my slate house backdrop, you will certainly start dreaming. And even if I don't really think much of branded clothing, I would like to mention once again that my name is also internationally recognized as a mark of quality for knives of all kinds. I mean, some cutlery can only dream of that.

REALLY KNOW ME You think you know me? Not even close. About whom or what do you already know everything? Come, let your­self be sur­prised!
Slate house with garden , © Johannes Höhn
Church in the historic center of Gräfrath, © Johannes Höhn
Half-timbered house , © Johannes Höhn
Church in the historic center of Gräfrath, © Johannes Höhn

Pay­ing a vis­it to the sis­ters

View of the Muengsten Bridge from below., © Tourismus NRW e.V.
Finja HeidmannFrom Solin­gen
View of a book collection, © Tourismus NRW e.V.

Solingen is part of the city triangle of the Bergisches Land – and therefore I always recommend a visit to its sister cities, too. The way to Remscheid leads quite spectacularly over the Müngsten Bridge. In Wuppertal, one should visit Utopiastadt – and of course take a ride on the famous suspension railroad.

Mu­sic lov­ers this way!

Join us on a pop-his­tor­ic­al tour through the Ruhr Area, Düs­sel­dorf and Co­logne. Guided by your mo­bile, you'll get to know a num­ber of mu­sic(al) spots such as clubs, bars, le­gendary con­cert halls and re­cord shops.

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