Bundeskunsthalle, © Johannes Höhn

Hello, I'm Bonn.

Glad you are here.

Hello, I'm Bonn! You've probably heard of me countless times. Must be because I've already accomplished many great things. I cannot say otherwise! You already know: Germany's former seat of government, Beethoven's birthplace, renowned university and so forth. Fancy yesterday's snow? Off to the south! Culinary fans in particular listen to me very carefully. Did you know that green is one of my absolute favourite colours? Some even speak of my urban oases. And don't you think that the Rhine makes me quite attractive as a city? If you like to spend your time visiting museums, it is already clear that we will get along very well. Doesn't sound like you at all? Even with museum grouches, I can come to a common denominator.

How would I describe myself? Vibrant.

On the Rhine and around the Rhine: You'll see, I'll really get you going. Everywhere, you will find places and corners that invite you to linger. And don't worry: We don't just walk common miles on my famous museum mile. Come, I'll take you to the land of smiles. And from there, it goes down to the beach. Do I hear something like "feet in the sand and enjoy an ice-cold drink"? Nothing better than that. And while we're in the mood to chat, let's visit the place where Charles de Gaulle and John F. Kennedy gave their speeches. And please don't forget to bring your camera, because I'm quite photogenic and for you, I show my best side, of course.

REALLY KNOW ME You think you know me? Not even close. About whom or what do you already know everything? Come, let your­self be sur­prised!
Rhine promenade , © Johannes Höhn
In the south town , © Johannes Höhn
Kennedy Bridge, © Johannes Höhn
Art Museum , © Johannes Höhn

The Holy Stair­case with the best view

V-Hotel owner Christina Voit thoughtful, © Tourismus NRW e.V., Holger Hage
Tip from Christina VoitV-Hotel in Bonn
The Holy Staircase in Bonn., © Mirène Schmitz

The Holy Staircase at the Kreuzberg Church was built by the famous architect Balthasar Neumann in 1751. Every Easter, pilgrims can climb the 28 steps of the staircase – on their knees. Rumour has it, parts of Jesus’ original cross are built into two of the steps. It is worth coming to the Kreuzberg just for the amazing view over Bonn. There is also a circular path for a beautiful short stroll.

Mu­sic lov­ers this way!

Join us on a pop-his­tor­ic­al tour through the Ruhr Area, Düs­sel­dorf and Co­logne. Guided by your mo­bile, you'll get to know a num­ber of mu­sic(al) spots such as clubs, bars, le­gendary con­cert halls and re­cord shops.

Hit it!