Aachen Cathedral ceiling of the Octagon, © Tourismus NRW e.V.


Top ex­cur­sions in NRW

World famous landmarks, internationally renowned museums and large amusement parks that ensure special momentum with high-speed attractions: North Rhine-Westphalia attracts visitors with a broad range of very special excursion destinations.  

Top Ex­cur­sions

The most pop­u­lar land­marks in Ger­many, the most north­erly flamingo colony in Europe and a glob­ally unique form of trans­port – North Rhine-West­phalia of­fers ex­cur­sion des­tin­a­tions that really are worth see­ing. These also in­clude sights that are less well known but just as im­press­ive.

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Su­per­lat­ive Des­tin­a­tions

From the won­ders of tech­no­logy, mu­seums hold­ing world re­cords to the hot­test thermal springs in cent­ral Europe, North Rhine-West­phalia has many su­per­lat­ive des­tin­a­tions to of­fer that will leave a last­ing im­pres­sion.

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Fam­ous People from NRW

No mat­ter if its Joseph Beuys, Mi­chael Schu­mach­er, or Hein­rich Heine – North Rhine-West­phalia is the home of fam­ous people whose tracks vis­it­ors can still en­joy today.

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Ex­cur­sion Ideas for River Cruises

River cruises in NRW: No more than an hour’s drive from the re­spect­ive har­bour in onn, Co­logne, Düs­sel­dorf, Duis­burg, and Xanten, or less than that in the Ruhr Area, you will find im­press­ive spots.

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Over 1.000 mu­seums in North Rhine-West­phalia await curi­ous vis­it­ors. Dis­cov­er the most pop­u­lar and im­press­ive es­tab­lish­ments with their unique, high-qual­ity ex­hib­i­tions.

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