Bike Arena Sauerland, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V., Paul Masukowitz

Skim­ming the bor­ders

Nature park Diemelsee

Do you love pushing boundaries? Lace up your hiking boots, get your bike, and be off to nature park Diemelsee, reaching not only the border of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also the boundaries of your own sporting capacities. A total of nine mountains above eight hundred metres pose challenges for hikers and cyclists alike with routes that lead up and down around Diemelsee lake and across the Sauerland‘s highest mountains. This unique nature park offers sporting challenges and historical experiences side by side.

In harmony with nature

Tent, food, and torch are all the essentials that you will need in your backpack for the next few days. Then you’re ready to set out onto an adventure that will keep you firmly grounded: These tours can be done in several days, on foot or by bike, without any permanent accommodation. The Diemelsteig or Uplandsteig have a total of nine trekking sites to spend the nights in the middle of nature, gazing up at the starry night sky, experiencing the most beautiful of sunrises, and letting your eyes wander across dewy meadows and the Sauerland mountains in the morning. This is a gentle and decelerated, comprehensive nature experience that will show you harmony with nature.

Challenging altitude

Are you looking for some vistas? As many as nine mountains above eight-hundred metres are waiting to be conquered by you. Choose between well marked routes and natural paths. You will be spoilt for choice since six high-quality trails lead hikers through the beautiful natural landscape. How can you choose one of the Uplandsteig, Diemelsteig, Rothaarsteig, Briloner Kammweg, Sauerland Höhenflug, or Sauerland-Waldroute?

The cycling experience here knows no bounds either, taking you high into the mountains, on a leisurely trip around Diemelsee lake, or along trails with great flow in the bike park. The Diemelradweg is the ideal trail to spend two or three days on the road without any great climbs. It follows the Diemel river mostly on asphalt paths cutting through charming natural landscapes, past medieval village centres with ornate half-timbered houses.

Geopark Grenzwelten

Keep your eyes open! Have you discovered the historical stones along the cycle and hiking trails yet that used to mark the border between Hesse and Westphalia?

The Geopark Grenzwelten offers some insights into the history of the earth and the formation of the cultural and natural landscapes around the lake if you wish to walk in the footsteps of the past. Did you know that there was a primeval sea around 400 million years ago where the nature park Diemelsee is today? Later, land masses formed, a coastline emerged, and tremendous tectonic forces eventually caused the mountains to rise. | |

  • Uplandsteig Sauerland, © Trekkingpark Sauerland Fotograf
    Mountain biking Sauerland, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V., Paul Masukowitz
    Trekking at the Diemelsee Sauerland, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V., Paul Masukowitz
  • Bridge Sauerland Flight of fancy, © Sauerland Tourismus e.V., Jonas Duelberg

A forest lake in a won­der­fully quiet loc­a­tion

Nature photographer Heidi Bücker
Ideas for ex­cur­sions in the sur­round­ings? In­s­tagram tip by Heidi Bück­er@sauer­land_bilder
Lake Schmalah in the Sauerland, © Heidi Bücker

"The Lake Schmalah, also called the Silver Lake, is somewhat hidden on the Schmalahrundweg B1 between Brilon and Bruchhausen. A bench on the shore of the lake invites you to linger. Surrounded by a calm and soothing atmosphere, which is only sometimes interrupted by the calls of some water birds, you just sit there and let your mind wander."